Alumni Village

Room Measurement: # 104 unites each 924 square ft

Room Windows:  Large Window is 50x26" 

Smaller Window is 26x26"In the Living Space:  Large Window is 50x56"
                               2 additional windows are 50x26"

The Commons

ROOMS                      SQUARE FEET

K-1-2 and P -1-2:        567 square feet

K-1-1 and P-1-1:         864 square feet

K-1-3 and P-1-3:         1039 square feet


K-1-5; K-3-2;

K-3-5; K-4-4;

M-1-2; M-1-5;

M-4-2; M-4-5;                        553 square feet

P-1-5; P -3-2;

P-3-5; P-4-4;

S-1-2; S-1-5;

S-4-2; S-4-5



M-3-2; M-3-5;                        802 square feet

S-3-2; S-3-5


K-1-4; P-1-4                           852 square feet


K-3-1; K-3-4;

L-4-1; K-4-3;

M-1-1; M-1-4;

M-4-3; M-4-6;                         1011 square feet

P-3-1; P-3-4;

P-4-1; P-4-3;

S-1-1; S-1-4;

S-4-3; S-4-6


K-2-1; K-2-3;

L-5-1; K-5-3;                            1037 square feet

P-2-1; P-2-3;

P-5-1; P-5-3


K-1-6 and P-1-6                       1050 square feet


All Other Rooms                        791 square feet


The Olde

 ROOMS                      SQUARE FEET

3- bedroom suite          895 square feet

4- bedroom suite          1485 square feet