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What to Expect

Transfer Orientation consists of a 1-day session in June and July.  Orientation for Transfers consists of programming that introduces new students to campus life, resources on and off campus, academic programs, and to fellow incoming students.  Transfer Orientation is also your opportunity to register for your Fall semester classes and to meet an academic advisor!

Transfers will receive a letter through Purchase email detailing Transfer Orientation and class registration.  The letter will have information on how to choose and RSVP for one of the orientation sessions.

**Only new Liberal Arts and Sciences transfers need to attend this event.  Liberal studies students, students being readmitted to the college, and second degree students do not need to attend.**



Transfer Orientation is a 1-day event, therefore we do not offer on-campus accomodations for the event.  However, if you are traveling and require accomodations please contact our office and we will provide you with a list of local hotels.



Continental breakfast and lunch is provided during Transfer Orientation.  If you have special dietary needs, please contact us to make special arrangements.


Freshmen?  Transfer?  Which one am I?

Most students entering college directly from High School are considered Freshmen.  Students who have taken courses for credit after completion of High School are considered Transfers. 

However, at Purchase College, there are some circumstances where those rules do not apply!  For Example:

  • Dance, Film, Theatre Design/Technology, and Acting students who have taken college classes AFTER completion of High School are considered Freshmen.  These programs are 4-year programs at Purchase College and thus anyone entering the program will thus start with their 1st year.