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What to Expect

Graduate Orientation consists of a 1-day session in late August.  Orientation for Graduate students consists of programming that introduces new students to resources on and off campus, academic programs, and to fellow incoming students.  It is also your opportunity to get aquainted with your academic program before the fall semester begins.

Graduate students will receive a letter in the mail detailing Graduate Orientation and class registration.  The letter will detail the orientation program and how to rsvp.



Graduate Orientation is a 1-day event that occurs before the classes begin.  Therefore, if you are living on campus you will move in to your on-campus residence on that day.  Otherwise, we ask that everyone else commute to the event.



Lunch and a graduate student BBQ dinner are provided on day 1 of orientation.  On day 2, only breakfast is provided.  If you have special dietary needs, please contact us to make special arrangements