Student Organization Initiative

Student organizations are the defining feature of any college campus. Routinely composed of the most ambitious and focused students, these organizations reflect the very best in the student body and produce various programs that represent the values and personalities of the students that create them. Often times though, student organizations experience peaks and valleys as it pertains to their membership and overall productivity, due in large part to the fact that because they are “student run”, they depend heavily on the commitment and determination of its existing leadership. The focus of this leadership initiative is two-fold. First, it is to create communication lines amongst all clubs and organizations so as to foster strong systems of support for one another. The other is to empower the current appointed leaders to further enhance their own leadership skills and to motivate the aspiring leaders to continue moving forward in their development to ensure seamless transitions from one leadership generation to the next, thus lessening the potential for inconsistency or “drop-offs”.

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