Historical Overview

The LEAD Center was born in the fall semester of 2002. Created to foster a sense of leadership and diversity appreciation amongst the student populations, the LEAD Center has grown into a reputable campus resource in terms of empowering Purchase students to realize their leadership potential and gain valuable skills as well as developing a deeper sense of multicultural awareness and acceptance.

Recognized in the spring of 2003 by the institution at its annual awards ceremony for its outstanding contribution to enhancing campus life, the LEAD Center continues to forge ahead in creating dynamic and experiential learning opportunities for its constituents, allowing them to reach their ultimate potential and embark on new challenges.

The LEAD Center was originally founded on the basis of leadership development and diversity advocacy- each idea functioning separately from one another to address the lack of both a leadership office and a multicultural affairs center. While there were some opportunities for overlap and collaboration, each concept operated on its own agenda.

Due in large part to the overwhelming successes of both the leadership development and diversity advocacy components, the LEAD Center is ready to evolve into an even more relevant and impacting institutional organization. By merging these two concepts into one idea, the LEAD Center will be able to focus its energy on developing a multicultural self and an effective leader- clearly two marketable skills. The idea of being a multicultural leadership service creates and inspires a canvas of truly unique and important experiences and options.