The Cultural Organizations of Purchase Alliance represents the student clubs and organizations that include cultural awareness and advocacy in their organization charters. The purpose of the alliance is to communicate individual developments, coordinate and collaborate on programming functions, and provide support to one another.


The Alliance consists of one to two student representatives from the Organization of African Peoples in the Americas (OAPIA), Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Union (GLBTU), Latinos Unidos (LU), Asian Student Association (ASA), and International Student Association (ISA).


Create an open and reciprocal line of communication with one another and with the College administration.

Develop budgeting strategies for the current year and propose the following year’s budgets.

Discuss inclusive initiatives that celebrate the multiple cultures represented in the campus populations.

Create avenues for collaboration amongst the member organizations.


COPA meets on a bi-weekly basis for a period of approximately one hour.