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O-1 Extraordinary Ability Status

  • The O-1 category is for non-immigrants of extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, athletics and the arts.
  • An employer must petition on behalf of a prospective O-1 non-immigrant and a job offer must be in place.
  • To obtain O-1 status, the beneficiary must be one of a small percentage of individuals who have risen to the top of his or her field of endeavor.
  • The College sponsors a limited number of O-! visas.
  • The application requires a tremendous amount of documentation.
  • O-1 status can be granted for 3 years initially and can be extended in one year increments
  • There is no cumulative cap on the number of extensions for an O-1 visa.

More information and details may be found on the O-1 Information Handout.

For further information about navigating the process of obtaining nonimmigrant visas and  tax regulations as presenting artists from abroad please see the Artists from Abroad website.