Residential / Water Heater Replacements

The Water Heaters for the entire residential wings of the Commons – Face II Apartments and Farside were recently replaced as the students made known the insufficient amount of hot water as an ongoing problem. 
Replacing the Water Heaters in these two Dorms was non-invasive work, that took place in the mechanical rooms of the buildings.
There were some upgrades to the boilers in Outback and, since Fort Awesome is a new building, a replacement there was unnecessary.
If there is a loss of service to the entire complex, Facilities Management immediately contacts the New York State Office of General Service / Emergency Contract Service, to bypass the Bid process. An “Emergency Declaration” is signed by President Schwarz (or a designee), detailing the specifics of the emergency work, which the NYSOGS confirms on-site. The NYSOGS has the ability to hire contractors immediately, making the project exempt from advertising.

New Domestic Hot Water Heater   Residence Halls (Crossroads).JPG