Cooling Tower / Repairs

Project Update / March 1, 2010

On February 17th, there was a project meeting to discuss the work estimates fromCarrier Corporation.  Carrier is the main contractor on the Chiller project (/Departments/CapitalFacilitiesPlanning/chillerupgrade/chillerupgrade.aspx).
Repairs to the existing cooling tower will be done as a change order to the chiller/ice-storage system installation project with the New York Power Authority.


Project Specifications

Do Not Drink in the case of drought!
The Facilities Management is in the process of receiving estimates to rehab the Cooling Tower located above ground behind the Physical Education building. 
The cooling tower is an integral part of the campus central chiller plant which provides approximately eighty (80) percent of the air-conditioning for the entire campus. The cooling tower is almost 20-years old and needs to have the existing hot water distribution pans and cold water basins replaced.
The primary function of the cooling tower is to remove heat from the condenser water system that is transferred from the campus electric chillers. During the air-conditioning cycle, heat is removed from the campus buildings via the chilled water loop; that heat is then transferred to the condenser water system and ultimately removed by the cooling tower.
The repairs are expensive and may need to be phased in over a two (2) to three (3) year period.
The water flowing through the Cooling Tower is not drinkable nor for residential usage as it contains various water treatment chemicals!