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Usefull links for recycling on campus:

- How to reduce your total waste:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
- Purchase College Wast Management Advice
- Printable Recycling Guidelines


Recycling in the academic buildings

There is a recycling bin for paper and co-mingle on the first floor lobby of every academic building.  All classrooms have recycling bins as well please do not contaminate the recycling with your garbage.

In classrooms:
Co-mingle: Use the blue bins in the classrooms or hallways for bottles and cans.
Paper: Use in the blue bins marked PAPER in the hallways and lobby.

In offices:
Co-mingle: Place your bottles and  cans in the co-mingle recycling bins in the hallways or office complexes.
Paper: Use your small, desk-side recycling bin for office paper.

Recycling in the dorms

 On the first floor of every dorm there are Recycling Closets that contain bins for PAPER & CO-MINGLE recycling.  Contact your RA if you have trouble finding it.
- Fort Awesome: has a recycling closet on each floor. 
- Outback: Recycling should be taken to the recycling bins near the dumpster outside the building.

You are responsible for placing the recycling in the correct bins!  Do not contaminate with garbage.

Recycling in the apartments

Each apartment complex has a recycling facility which is not to be used for garbage. In each individual apartment, residents are responsible for separating their recyclable material from the garbage.

The Commons:
Location: Recycling bins for PAPER and CO-MINGLE are located between K and M streets as well as between S and P streets.

The Olde:
Location: Recycling dumpster for CO-MINGLE and PAPER are next to the dumpster behind CCN.  There are also CO-MINGLE bins behind the H-street laundry room.

Location: Recycling bins are in the dumpster enclosure near the parking lot at the end of H-Street.

Remember, the most important thing to do is REDUCE, REUSE and then RECYCLE! Take a look at some suggestions about how you can do just that here.

What can I recycle?

  • PAPER:
    copy paper
    notebook paper
    junk mail
    paper bags
    (bottles & cans)
    Plastics #1 and #2
    water bottles
    soda bottles
    plastic milk jugs
    aluminum cans
    glass bottles
    soup cans
    glass jars
    CLEAN aluminum foil

What NOT to recycle:

  • Food waste
  • Plastic bags
  • cardboard milk cartons
  • plastic wrap
  • Paper coffee cups

PRINTABLE Recycling guide