transportation alternatives

Transportation accounts for 30% of carbon dioxide emissions in the US.

In one year, the average passenger car will consume 581 gallons of gasoline.  As a result of this fossil fuel consumption, the same car will emit:

smog.jpg11,450 lbs of CO
575 lbs of CO 
77.1 lbs of HCs  and
38.2 lbs of NO



A more sustainable lifestyle means you don’t have to be average.


In order to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases from students, faculty and staff vehicles, Purchase provides access to a variety of forms of public and mass transportation as an alternative to students owning their own cars.

Utilizing public and mass transportation will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitting from student and staff cars in their daily lives. 

zipcar.jpgOne of the most exciting to these new transportation options  is ZipCar, the nationwide car-sharing program.



For more information about all of the options for alternative transportation at Purchase, check out the Purchase College transportation page!