Additional Scholarship Information Resources

Many students overlook the opportunity to receive private scholarships as a source of financial assistance. Check with your employer, a parent's employer, or a community organization that assists its local residents. Do not overlook your high school guidance counselor for scholarships. There are scholarship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of study.

It is never too early or late to begin your search for scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Do not overlook small foundations. Identify your strengths. Keep track of meritorious awards you have received, community volunteer work you have performed, jobs you have held and special interests and hobbies that make you unique.

Free Internet Scholarship Search Engines:

NOTE: To the best of our knowledge, these sites provide their services free of charge.

We encourage you to be cautious of scholarship search organizations which charge a fee. There are many free scholarship search sites available. The scholarship search sites listed here may provide useful information.

Be wary of companies that require you to provide payment (deposit) to simply gain access to their site or to apply for a scholarship. Neither the Office of Admissions nor the Office of Student Financial Services at Purchase College endorse or recommend any scholarship service or private scholarship web site.