Enrollment Services
No-Stop Service

The No-Stop Service provides you easy and convenient access to your information online. Here, you are provided the ability to adjust your account, enroll to a payment plan, and review your financial aid information. Please select from the links below to forward you to the appropriate web application:

Financial Aid on the Web - You will be able to review your financial aid information regarding your awards, financial aid documents, and federal work study status.

eBill – Each semester, your official semester bill will be downloadable through this web application. The eBill will display your semester charges, financial aid, and personal payments.

Account Inquiry/Payment – You can view your account history and make payments through this web application.

Insurance Waiver – If you have your own medical insurance coverage, you may waive your medical insurance coverage through the college by providing your private medical insurance information. For more information regarding the Purchase College Medical Coverage, please visit the carrier's website at www.maksin.com/purchase.aspx.

Meal Plan Change – Once your eBill is available for the semester, you will be able to adjust your meal plan based on your housing status.

Time Payment Plan – The time payment plan allows you to distribute your financial responsibilities (not covered by any aid) into two installments per semester.

Monthly Payment Plan – This service is provided to you by TuitionPay (A Sallie Mae Company), which will allow you to enroll your estimated year’s cost into ten equal monthly payments.