The federal government limits what criteria can be reviewed as special circumstances.  As a result, Purchase College will not consider or make adjustments for any of the following:

  • Parents will not help pay for college
  • Car payments or car insurance
  • Consumer debt (credit cards)
  • Mortgages and rent
  • Tuition paid for private elementary or secondary tuition
  • Unusual expenses related to personal living (such as wedding expenses, loan payments, or legal expenses)
  • Medical insurance premiums
  • One year bonus incomes (such as lottery winnings or gambling winnings)
  • Reduction in overtime pay
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy or reductions in income from bankruptcy proceedings
  • Home equity, IRA, 403B, and 401K loans

If your reason for special circumstances is not listed above, please complete the special circumtances form here. 2012-13 Special Circumstances Form

PLEASE NOTE:  For special circumstances, our office cannot accept financial information for 2012-13 transferred to the FAFSA using the IRS data retrieval tool, as it does not contain all the information necessary to review a special circumstances case.  You must request a tax transcript from the IRS by doing one of the following: