FALL 2011

2011-2012 Academic Year Financial Aid Forms

Special Circumstances:

Did you complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and now your family's situation has changed? Student Financial Services can take into account situations like a layoff, costly medical expenses, and foreclosures. Please look at the Special Circumstances eligibility HERE.

Financial Aid Forms:

PLUS Loan Applicants:

Off-Campus Study Program/Non-Purchase College Study Abroad Program:

For students who wish to participate in an off-campus program (including study abroad program) through another institution would need to have the following documents completed--

  • 2011-12 Consortium Agreement - You must complete the top portion of this document and forward the document to your host school to complete their portion of the form. Once completed, this form must be returned to the Office of Student Financial Services to be finalized and approved. Upon request of the host school, a copy of the completed document can be forwarded to the host school's attention.
  • Paid Receipt or Invoice has to be provided along with the Consortium Agreement.
  • Application to Transfer Credits & Approval to Study Abroad - Download and complete these forms through the Registrar's website at www.purchase.edu/registrar/forms.aspx. These documents are required for Student Financial Services to certify your financial aid award based on the amount of credits you will be registered for and whether the courses you will be taking at the other institution is accepted for transfer.
  • 2011-12 Non-Consortium Agreement Cost of Attendance Form Should your host school decline to sign the above-required consortium agreement, this form is needed in order for our office to properly determine your actual Cost of Attendance.

Federal Work Study
(For Work Study Students Only)

If you are completing a Special Circumstances Form, it is also necessary for you to complete and submit the Dependent Verification Worksheet (if dependent) or Independent Verification Form (if independent).

If you are submitting a Dependent or Independent Verification Worksheet/Form be sure to also submit W-2 forms for the Parent(s) and student.