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the Office of Student Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Student Accounts

Q: When can I view my semester eBill and how often?
A: Your Student Financial Services (SFS) eBill can be viewed as often as you wish throughout the semester. The eBill presents you real-time information regarding your charges, your financial aid, your payments, and your refunds within the semester. It provides you with helpful information and options in managing your semester finances.

Q: How do I access my eBill?
A: Simply log on to and you will find the “Semester Bill” link located in the Finances section of the website. You will need to use your full e-mail account and e-mail password to log into your eBill. More information can be found at here.

Q: What do I need to do when I access my eBill?
A: When you have successfully logged in to view your eBill: review the charges, the financial aid, and credits. Make certain that your account is accurate as the eBill should reflect the real-time information SFS has at the time you are viewing your charges and credits. If you see that your account has Zero (0) balance, no action is required. Remaining balances in your account will require payment on or before the indicated deadline on
the eBill. Review, download, and save your eBill for future reference. You can also e-mail your eBill to your parent/guardian or to companies that need a copy of your semester charges such as college savings plans, military or employee benefits and private insurance proof of semester activity.

Q: How do I change or remove my meal plan?
A: Please change your meal plan online at the student services website.

Q: How do I waive the school’s medical insurance?
A: If you have your own insurance or are covered under your parents’, please go to the Student Services website and click on the “Insurance Waiver” link. Log in with your e-mail account and e-mail password when prompted. Foreign Students must contact the Office of International Programs and Services. You must provide proof of coverage on or before the deadlines indicated in your eBill. Providing your medical insurance coverage is required every year to successfully waive the college coverage.

Q: Can my parents access my eBill?
A: Yes. With our parental access program, you can have up to three other recipients be able to log in to your eBill. Simply log on to the Parent/Guest Access Management program at and follow the instructions. You can give access to your guardian/parents, not only to your eBill, but to various programs available to you that you wish to share with them.