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the Office of Student Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Financial Aid

Q: Can I still apply for Financial Aid?
A: Yes! You can definitely still apply for financial aid! However, if you are applying late for aid, you are responsible for the balance in your account until your aid comes in for reimbursement. You can start the process by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at

Q: What is my tax return transcript and why are you requesting this from me?
A: We are requesting this document because you are verification selected, and the federal regulations no longer allow us to request a copy of your tax return. Instead we must have a copy of your tax return transcript. You can find more information here as to what it is and how you can request it.

Q: My parents have a College Savings Plan set up for me. How do we remit the payments to you?
A: You must handle all paperwork and provide your Plan representative the semester’s
charges. They will then remit the payments to us directly. Late filing will be considered as
late payment.

Q: What is the Federal School Code required by my College Savings Plan?
A: Please notify your plan of the following Federal School Code: 006791 & Campus Code: 00

Q: I can't see my financial aid awards on my eBill. What can I do to make it appear?
A: You may require further steps to make your awards appear on your eBill. The best way to get your matters resolved is by contacting our office at

Q: What the latest that I can apply for FAFSA?
A: While we do not encourage students to apply for FAFSA so late, you can apply for FAFSA as late as a month before the academic year ends or before the last day you are enrolled at the College.

Q: When is the last day of my enrollment?
A: The last day that you are enrolled may is based on the following:

The day that you take a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal for the term that you are seeking financial aid, or
The day that you stop attending for the term you are seeking financial aid, or
The last day for the term listed in the College’s academic calendar, if you are registered and attending for the entire term that you are seeking financial aid.

Q: What is an FSA ID for?
A: The FSA ID can be used to access your FAFSA application, to make corrections on the FAFSA, and to check the status of your FAFSA. This FSA ID will be used for each year that you complete the FAFSA.  Please apply for an FSA ID online at