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the Office of Student Financial Services

Graduate Students

Each year, your most recent academic transcript is reviewed to verify that you are in good academic standing and making normal progress* toward the completion of your degree requirements. "Good standing" means:

  • You are maintaining the minimum grade point average (GPA) as required by your school/conservatory**
  • Earning a passing grade in at least 2/3 of the courses in which you are enrolled***
  • In addition to maintaining a satisfactory GPA, graduate students must meet all other academic and professional conduct standards set forth by their program.

Generally, full-time graduate students register for and complete nine (9) credits per semester and complete the graduate degree requirements in two years. Graduate Students must complete any courses which were not completed, with a grade of (IPs) before a decision regarding federal aid can be made. If federal aid has not been renewed due to unsatisfactory progress, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

* Normal progress requires completing all courses registered for and progressing towards your degree at a level that compares favorably with other registrants completing the same degree.

**Each conservatory/school at Purchase College has varied criteria to stay within the program. Dismissal/expulsion from your program may place your financial aid at risk. Please refer and adhere to the academic requirements of your school to ensure financial aid eligibility.

***The 150% Rule: Students must complete at least 2/3 of the attempted credits per semester to continue receiving financial aid. For example, if you are taking nine credits, you must complete at least six (6) credits of the nine credits you are attempting. Dropping below six credits will place you in SAP probation.

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