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Thank You Letter Guide

A thank you note can be an important self-marketing tool that can make you stand out in the interview process. 

The "Thank You" letter is written after you have interviewed with an organization. It should be sent to every person who has interviewed you (i.e. you met with three individuals, then send three individual letters) and be sure not to send them all the same letter.
A thank you letter reminds the hiring manager that you exist and offers the following vital opportunities:

  • It politely reconfirms your interest in the position and in the organization
  • It gives you a chance to share additional information that was not covered during the interview
  • It further demonstrates your excellent communications skills.

Use a formal greeting, Mr., Dr., Ms. or Mrs. and spell out titles such as President or Vice President.

Use the word "meeting" instead of "interview".  It has a more professional overtone.  (i.e. Thank you for meeting with me)

As you prepare to compose the letter, make an outline of the key points covered during the interview. Try to remember what seemed important to the interviewer.  If your letter covers the following five points, you probably will increase your chances of getting the job.

  • Remind the interviewer of the position for which you were interviewed for and the date of the interview
  • Use the details discussed in the interview to highlight your fit and stress your interest in the position and in the organization
  • Emphasize one or two of your strongest talents and slant them towards the interviewer's concerns
  • Always include you telephone number/email address and the best times you can be reached
  • If possible, close the letter with the suggestion for further action, such as a second meeting 

Your letter should confirm your professionalism and be well written (check for grammar/spelling), prompt (send within 48 hours) and personalized (specific to the interview).  If you have been in email contact with your interviewer, you can email the thank you letter, especially if they will be making a decision quickly.  Just be sure to retain the business letter format and remain professional in your language. If you are mailing a hard copy of the letter it should be printed on high quality paper.  Another option is sending a handwritten note, which may help you to stand out from others.  If you choose this option be sure to write neatly and legibly. 

Always keep in mind that a thank you letter may give you a second chance to strengthen your first impression!

Updated 9/15