Law School Timetable

Spring of your Junior Year

  • Pick up the LSAS Law School Admission Test application or request a copy
    directly from LSAS by phone at 215-968-1001 or on the web at
  • Register for June LSAT.  By taking the June test you have three advantages:
    1. You will know both your GPA and your LSAT score before you select which schools to apply
    2. If anything goes wrong and you must cancel your test results or with to retake the exam in October, you are still on schedule.
    3. The June administration does not interfere with normal school time frames, so you are not dealing with both class work and the LSAT.
  • Register with Law School Data Assembly Service. 
  • After the end of your spring semester, begin preparation for the LSAT.  Prepare intensely for at least 6 weeks prior to the exam.
  • Begin identifying appropriate law schools based on your LSAT practice scores and your GPA.
  • Talk to Career Counselors about creating a Credential File for your recommendations.  This will make organizing and processing your applications easier come the Fall. 

Summer After Your Junior Year

  • Receive LSAT scores 4-6 weeks after the test. 
  • Request catalogues and admissions materials from prospective law schools.
  • Review law school choices in light of LSAT score.
  • Register for October LSAT, if appropriate.
  • Request official school transcripts be sent to the Law School Data Assembly Service from all higher education institutions you attended, if necessary.

Fall of Senior Year

  • Meet with advisor to review selection of schools.
  • Request letter of recommendation from appropriate faculty or notify the Career Center if you will be using recommendations from your Credential File.
  • Prepare applications.  Application should be submitted well ahead of the deadlines. Try to have all of your applications submitted by December 1st.

Spring of Senior Year

  • Follow up with schools to make sure your application has been received and is complete.
  • Fill out required financial aid forms as soon as they become available.

Check out -the Law School Admissions Council Site.   You can find lots of resources, LSAT dates, links to schools, and other pertinent information. 


Written by William Weaver, J.D., Ph.D, Department of Political Science, University of Texas at El Paso


Updated 7/11