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Whether students select study in the liberal arts, the arts, or pre-professional programs, career planning is an integral part of the college experience. Discovering a career direction becomes their new focus and challenge. Your student’s successful transition into a career and ultimate independence can be greatly enhanced with your support of the career exploration and decision-making process.
Students may explore their dreams through various applied experiences.  Your student may not yet have all the specific occupational information necessary to make a career choice.  Is her/his career goal well-suited to her/his abilities and personality? 

  • Would an individual with limited aptitude and interest in the sciences find little satisfaction as a medical researcher?
  • Would a student who has a passion for teaching children enjoy working for a technology firm?

Maybe not, but this would depend on the student’s other identifiable skills, interests and values. Decided or undecided, the Career Development Center (CDC) is equipped to help students at every stage.

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How does Career Development help with a Student’s Major & Career Decision Making? 
Career counselors work with students to identify and explore career interests. Self-exploration is the first step as students begin to focus on major and career decision-making. Career counseling may help your student to discover his/her interests, abilities, and values. Career Interest Inventories are sometimes recommended to aide students in the process.  Our career counselors work closely with the Academic Advising Center to help and guide students on decisions regarding majors as they may or may not relate to career choice.

What Career Tools and Programs are offered to Students Exploring Careers? 
Career resources both online and in-house are available to students.  Skill-building workshops on topics such as Resume Writing, Interviewing, Job Search Strategies, Networking Online and In-Person, and Applying to Graduate School are just some of our programs that offer practical strategies for career and job search planning. Our LinkedIn Mentor Network and Professional Career Panels can further empower students with an opportunity to gain insight into careers by hearing from professionals in various fields.

Experiential Education including Internships can help students develop skills for the job market and “try out” their fields of interest.  Career Development’s on-line system, Purchase Job Score, lists thousands of internship and part-time job opportunities with local and national employers.  Our annual Job and Internship Fair at the Performing Arts Center gives students a chance to meet employers seeking to fill available opportunities.  The CDC also sponsors a Graduate School Expo where visiting representatives share information with our students.

How Can Parents Help Students with Career Planning?
Our career counselors are highly experienced, “student-centered” professionals dedicated to helping students explore and identify career options, make decisions, and prepare for life after Purchase.  Your understanding of their unique talents and their combination of interests, abilities, and values will empower them to prepare and make important career decisions; so they may achieve real career satisfaction in the future.

How Can Parents Help the Career Development Center?
We encourage parents to share their insights by joining our LinkedIn Mentor Network to provide career information and advice. Share job or internship leads  available at your organization and encourage your employer to participate in our available Employer Services.  Ask your employer to become a sponsor and join our Employer Friends Program to support our student’s career exploration.

For up-to-date info on CDC programs & events, connect with us: 

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Updated 7/15