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Information for Internship Site Supervisors

 Internship Site Supervisors Responsibilities & Guidelines
Internship Site Supervisor Guide: On-line Learning Contract Approval
Guide for Evaluating Your Student Intern

Evaluate Your Intern via Purchase JobScore:

All Internship Site Supervisors are required to complete a Performance Evaluation for their interns.  Evaluations are completed through our on-line system - Purchase JobScore.

Near the end of the semester, Internship Site Supervisors will receive the email
“Purchase College Intern Evaluation”
to access the online Evaluation.  

Internship Site Supervisors will not have to log into Purchase JobScore and will be able to access the Learning Contract by simply selecting a link in the email. 

View the Guide for Evaluating Your Student Intern

If You Wish to Login to Purchase JobScore:

Do Not Register for a Purchase JobScore account; an account has been created for all site supervisors.  If you forgot your password,  or are attempting to log in for the first time select “Forgot Password?  to have an email sent to you to set your password.

Once you are Logged In:

  • Select “Confirm/Evaluate Your Intern” on the top navigation bar or under shortcuts.
  • Select the "Academic Internship Evaluations" tab.
  • Select “Evaluate Student” next to the student’s name you wish to evaluate.  Select “Edit Evaluation” to complete an evaluation that was saved or to make changes.  You can search students by internship term/year.

Updated 9/2015