HVAC Program Study / The Music Conservatory / Natural Sciences / Social Sciences

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Project Notes: As of August 1st, 2010

Timeline ... .. . Contract Award

Design / TBD

Contractor / TBD

Project Manager Sayim Malik

The Contract will be forwarded to the Office of the State Comptroller / Attorney-General, upon an approved of State budget. This is true of all new contracts for projects currently Bidding, or about to Bid.

Project Specifications

The campus has determined that testing of the Heating Ventilation and Air / Conditioning (HVAC) systems is necessary to identify the deficiencies in air flow delivery and heating/ cooling problems that plague existing buildings. 
The study will address the Music, Natural Science and Social Science buildings and will test each existing HVAC system and their accessories.
 Based on the test results, a detailed report shall summarize the performance of the HVAC equipment. 
The study shall identify which equipment is not performing as designed and identify the necessary steps (repair or replacement) to achieve optimal performance. 
The study shall address both a short term (0-5 years) fix and long term solution. The study shall provide budgets for a short term and a long term solution.