Center for Media, Film and Theatre

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Timeline ... .. . Construction

Lead Agency / The State University Construction Fund

Design / FXFowle       

Contractor / Worth Construction Co., Inc.

Construction Management / Hill International

Budget / $

Project Manager /  Sayim Malik


Project Notes: As of May 30, 2016

Construction continues.  The crane has arrived and good progress is being made on erecting the building's new structural steel.  New columns, framing, and diagonal bracing are already in place as the contractor prepares to start installing the new flooring systems.

The directional signs that were installed to assist our community in navigating around the new construction zones, will be in place for roughly the next two years as the project moves through construction.

Expect some disruptive noise as the contractor continues to work in the concourse level next week.

Two new exit doors have been cut into the south and north sides of the PAC, near Theatre X.  These new exit doors allow the occupants of Theatre D to safely exit due to the construction in Theatre X area.


New construction photos are posted below as well as some of the new design renderings and original concept sketches are shown below.

Project Overview

The Center for Media, Film & Theatre (CMFT) will create a new combined center for the school of Theatre Arts, the school of Film & Media Studies, and related arts programs.  The original college plans had called out for additional building, next to the Visual Arts building at the southwest end of the plaza, to house Theatre Arts.  This building was never constructed and the programs are currently spread out in a number of different buildings on campus. 

The goals and objectives of this project are to create such a center, promote the College's mission of integration and collaboration between conservatory programs in the arts and liberal arts programs, and develop a design that will provide teaching / learning/ performance spaces that promote and showcase collaboration between areas of study.

Utilizing the The Perkins Eastman Space Study-04-18-2008 report which highlighted the need on Campus for a more centralized location for the both the schools and identified a number of underdeveloped and underutilized spaces on the Campus, the new CMFT center will occupy the southwest corner of the plaza and the space between Theatre 'D' (also refered to as the Black Box) and the Library.  This space is currently occupied by the Post Office and Bookstore.  Both will be relocated and incorporated into the new designs.

This location will also allow us the opportunity to create a new 'gateway' to the campus.  The CMFT will help define 'entry' to the campus and create a sense of arrival, a destination point that will integrate the 'public' and 'academic' worlds here at the College.  The CMFT will also explore ways in which to engage and/or incorporate elements of the Performing Arts Center and the Neuberger Museum into the new designs. 

Construction Progress Photos

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2015July10   Bookstore Demolition2.jpg












2015July10   Plaza Demolition.jpg












New Design Renderings

Entry Pavilion Rendering   Plaza Level.jpg










Entry Pavilion Rendering   Courtyard.jpg










2013 0710 DM Cabinet Presentation Final R1 22.jpg









Concept Sketches

The 'Weave' concept takes a bold and transformative approach, and blends indoor and outdoor travel paths.  It directs you in towards the center of the campus and breaks the traditional hard edge of the plaza and opens the southwest corner.  It's inviting and welcoming, while the upper band of the plaza is maintained to define it's edge.

Weave Perspective.jpg

Weave Interior Perspective.jpg

The 'Punch' concept is the most respectful to the existing architecture, and keeps most of the existing structure members in this area.  Entry to the plaza level is through the lower level either by interior stairs or elevator.

Punch Aerial.jpg

Punch Perspective.jpg

The 'Fold' concept is also more respectful of the existing architecture and extends the edge of the existing arcade circulation with a stair and overhang that runs parallel to the new structures edge.

Fold Aerial.jpg

Fold Perspective.jpg