School of Natural & Social Sciences

Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2009 Schedule of Presentations

This year's Symposium begins with breakfast at 8:15 and concludes with lunch at 12:45. The public is welcome and all guests are invited to stay for lunch.

Session 1

Psychology,  NS Room 1001

9:00 Mallory Kinney, To Feel or Not to Feel: The Effect of Theatrical Performance on Emotion

9:20 Ali DiBona, Controlling the Automatic: An Attempt to Reduce Stereotyping of Male and Female Faces

9:40 Cian Duross, The Immediate Effects of Non-conscious Exposure on Fearful Behavior and Subjective Experience

10:00 Omar Bryan, A Comparison of the Effects of Conscious versus Non-conscious
Exposure on Fearful Behavior

Mathematics/Computer Science,  NS Room 1029

9:00 Daniel Conners, Vertex Coloring of Graphs

9:20 Kenneth C. Schoeller Jr., Math Wars: Today’s Questions and Tomorrow’s Answers

9:40 Gareth Yates, Creating a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for a NASA Database

10:00 Johanna Vera, M.C. Escher: Mathematician and Illusionist

Psychology, SS Room 1001

9:00 Concettina D’Amico, The Impact of Mode of Presentation on the Incidence of False Memory

9:20 Sonia Pena-Diaz, Preschoolers’ Perception of Numerosities

9:40 Amanda Magurne, Little Ladies Never Shout: Do Preschoolers Use Gender Cues When Interpreting Emotions?

10:00 Dana Munsch, The Effects of Familiarity on Mental Rotation Tasks

Sociology, SS Room 1038

9:00 David Cohn, Targeting Children: McDonald's Strategies and Effects on Child Obesity Related Diseases

9:20 Jeff Mathias, Deconstructing the Ark: Nature, Culture, and the Discourse of Species at the Central Park Zoo

9:40 Karen Dehnert, Violence beyond the Fist: Myths about Rape in the United States

Chemistry & Biology, SS Room 1039

9:00 Kristen Andersen,  Fe-Exchanged US-Y Zeolite as Catalyst in the Oxidative Degradation of Phenol in Aqueous Medium

9:20 Colm J. McCarthy, Synthesis of Natural Male Sex Pheromones of Drosophila paulistorum

9:40 Nicole V. Anayannis, In Vitro Studies of Prostate Carcinogenesis

10:00 Richard J. Wrancher, Nuptial Gifts and Sperm Storage in Drosophilia paulistorum

Session 2

Psychology,  NS Room 1001

11:00 Shelley Abbott, The Marriage Revolution: The Impact of Legalized Same-Sex Marriage on Non-Heterosexual Relationships across Cultures

11:20 Joshua Dietrich, Mind Wandering in the Classroom

11:40 Daniila Georgieva, Persistence and Struggle: How do College Students Cope with Academic Hardships?

Media,Society & The Arts; Anthropology;  Environmental Studies;  Biology ,   NS Room 1029

11:00 Stephanie Perez, The Rise of Japanese Popular Culture

11:20 Christopher Douglas, American Monks: An Ethnographic Analysis of American Converts to Buddhism

11:40 Christina Ruiz, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Determining the Age of Stone Walls
on the Purchase College Campus

12:00 Liza Rivera, Hypoxia-Induced Changes In Gill Morphology

Psychology & New Media, SS Room 1001

11:00 Joseph Castro, Eyewitness Suggestibility for Order of Events

11:20 Hajni Pap, Insight and Categorization Theory: The Effect of Prototypical Versus Diagonal Orientations on Insight Difficulty

11:40 Melody Tuck, Seeing Insight: The influence of prior exposure on solving insight problems

12:00 Yagil Kadosh, EarOnEye : Intentionality and the Phenomenology of Human Cognitive Perception

Political Science, SS Room 1038

11:00 Antonio Commisso, Votare o Morire?: Political Participation in Siderno Reggio Calabria, Italia

11:20 Alexandra Friedman, The Cyprus Crisis: A Case Study in U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War

11:40 Adam Savelli, Exile and the Kingdom: Strategies of the Kurdish Nationalists in Turkey

12:00 Alexander Bodas, What America Fears: Communism And Terrorism

Biology, SS Room 1039

11:00 Ian Falchiere, Ultrasound vs. Stretching to Increase Knee Range of Motion

11:20 Taras Pylypiv, Uterine Artery Embolization, an Alternative Treatment for Uterine Leiomyomata: Case Studies

11:40 Kleber I. Coronel, Cellular Immunity in Larval and Juvenile Lobsters

12:00 Shima Ghoroghi, Detection of Coliforms in the Bronx River

POSTERS, Social Sciences Lobby


Brian Grant, Greening Business: A Critical Analysis of Sustainability in Mega Food Markets in the United States


Colm McCarthy, The Effects of Antibiotics on Sterility of Wolbachia Infected Drosophila paulistorum Hybrids

William Monzidelis II, Transferring Egg Cytoplasm between Insect Species

Anthony Pinto, Electron Microscopical Localization of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors in NMU Rat Mammary Tumor Cells before and after Exposure to Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.

Karen Stone, Wolbachia – The Bacteria Within: Benefits to Drosophila Reproduction Through Cell Death

Robert Strang, Exercise Physiology: Change in Exercise and Fitness Level after Chest Surgery to Correct Pectus Excavatum and the Comparison of Fitness Measures

Christiaan F. Zietsman , Cellular and Molecular Assays for the Presence of Wolbachia in Drosophila Species


John Iodice, Gangliosides of NMU Cells in Culture

Jonathan Mathis, Licorice:  Possible Source for Antifungal Compounds

Mathematics/Computer Science

Nik M. Dedvukaj, Line Graphs

Matthew Eakins, Integrating Technology into Learning: Assessing Educational Content in Interactive Video Games

John Gillespie, Multiplayer Games for Autistic Children

Jeremy Martinez, Exploration and Statistical Analysis of Data Retrieval between XML and Oracle Based Databases through Java

Media, Society & The Arts

Michael Villata, Media Ethnography of Television Fandom


Veronica Alfonso, Reactions of Pessimists and Optimists during a Creativity Task

Shanthea Buckle, A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Heterosexuals’ Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Michael Jones, co-presenting with Stephanie Rudin, Androcentrism in Medical Journals: The Communication of Bias through Text and Visuospatial Displays

Stephanie Rudin, co-presenting with Michael Jones, Androcentrism in Medical Journals: The Communication of Bias through Text and Visuospatial Displays

Jason Montalvo, co-presenting with Anthony Steele, The Influence of Images on Terrorist Motivations

Anthony Steele, co-presenting with Jason Montalvo, The Influence of Image Priming on Terrorist Motivations

Maryanne Yacoub, The Effect of Mental Visualization on False Memory: An Event-Related Potential Study


Katelyn Shankey, What Does "Think Wide Open" Mean to Purchase College Men?