School of Natural & Social Sciences

Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2008
Schedule of Presentations

This year's Symposium begins with breakfast at 8:15 and concludes with lunch at 12:45. The public is welcome and all guests are invited to stay for lunch.

Session 1

 Psychology I, NS Room 1001

9:00 Toni Negri, Cryptomnesia as it Occurs When Using Academic Materials and the Influence of Intermediate Testing

9:20 Eric Kristt, Creativity and Associative Thinking

9:40 Christopher O'Dell, Effects of Motivation and Explicit Instructions on Creativity

10:00 Miki Tomaru, The Influence of Attachment Style and Communicative Patterns on Adolescent Romantic Relationships

 Psychology II, NS Room 1059

9:00 Ashley Alicea, The Effects of Gender on Problem Solving in Preschool Children

9:20 Alexandria Lanter, The Effects of Gender on Memory for Problem-Solving Tasks in Preschool Children

9:40 Joseph Violette, The Effects of Mere Exposure on Fear of Spiders

 Economics, NS Room 1029

9:00 Sharleen Harichandre, Labor Market Segregation in South Africa: Pre and Post Apartheid

9:20 Rebecca Katzenberg, The Effects of Globalization on Thai Women

9:40 Matthew D. Kucker, Economics of Electronic Business

10:00 Tom Okiro, The sub-Saharan post-colonial growth experience:  The Sub-Saharan Economy - In the rearview mirror?

 Media, Society, & the Arts, SS Room 1001

9:00 Anna DiNardo-Smith, In Front of the Stage, Behind the Lens: An Ethnographic Study of Rock Concert Photography

9:20 James Emmerich, Skateboarding as a Subculture

9:40 Scott Fitzpatrick, Sonic Truth

10:00 Kathryn Mikulak, Performance vs. Play:  Weddings and Everyday Performances

 Women Studies, Sociology, Economics, Media, Society & the Arts,
 SS Room 1002

9:00 Brandi Wagner, The Pilgrimage to Perfection: the Social Construction of the Hairless Norm

9:20 Jacquelyn Rollins, Click Here to Become Pregnant: A Sociological Inquiry into Fertility Clinics

9:40 Nicole Wiktor, Economic Mood Swings: The Happiness & Public Policy Predicament

10:00 Eric Stewart, Beyond the "X": Identity, Politics, and The Straight Edge Subculture

 Biology, Environmental Studies, SS Room 1006

9:00 Nadia El-Fawal, Identification of Microbial and Bacterial Genetic Markers Predicting Treatment Success in MRSA Bacteremia

9:20 Jared Munir, Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Effects of Environmental Stress on Uptake of Foreign Bloodborne Particles by Fixed Phagocytes of
the Lobster, Homarus americanus

9:40 Joanna Chisolm, Exploring Asthma Incidence and Correlation with Income and Traffic

10:00 Ted Nathanson, Perceptions, Attitudes, and Reported Water Use Behaviors of College Students Throughout the United States

Session 2

 Psychology, Political Science NS Room 1001

11:00 Daniel Jacobson, Decline in the Prefrontal Cortex and Decision Making in Older Adults

11:20 Helayna Herschkorn, Effects of After-School Involvement During Childhood and Adolescence on Academic Self-Management Behavior in College

11:40 Marilia Dossantos, Gender Stereotyping: Do Adults and Children Rely on Gender Knowledge to Interpret Emotions?

12:00 Tamika Reece, An Assessment of the Effectiveness of AIDS Policy in Guyana

 Environmental Studies,  NS Room 1059

11:00 John Clark, strogenic Compounds In Domestic Wastewater

11:20 Chris Cotroneo, Fish Species-Habitat Associations in New York’s Great Swamp
Chris Cotroneo

11:40 Katerina Korolov, Integrating agriculture and fisheries management to improve water quality in Jefferson County, New York

12:00 Erin Anne Roth, Salted or Unsalted:  Chloride levels in sub-basins and tributaries of the Great Swamp Watershed

Mathematics/Computer Science,  NS Room 1029

11:00 Ernesto Arreguin, Reach Preserving Vertices of Products of Trees

11:20 Alex J. Fierro, Inverse Surveillance:  Creating a Social Networking Website to Track Security Cameras                        

11:40 Robert Mattson,  An Experiment in Social Networking and Honesty

12:00 Brent Solly, Solving Sudoku

 Anthropology,  SS Room 1001

11:00 Saida Balume, Love and Marriage among Second-Generation Congolese Americans

11:20 Mariana César, Latina? Confronting Issues of Cultural Identification Among Brazilian Immigrant Women in the United States

11:40 Josh Weiss, Parameters of Political Discourse in the Virtual Public Sphere:  An Ethnographic Study of the Daily Kos

12:00  Randolph Noisette, Politically Conscious Rap/Hip Hop and its Audience

 Chemistry,  SS Room 1002

11:00 Marie Nadia Pierre, Isolation of Gangliosides from NMU Cells

11:20 Debra Salama, The Mineralization of Phenol:  Examining the Effects of Varying pH on the Stability and Catalytic Efficacy of Fe-USY

11:40 Jeremy Tholany, In Silico Analysis of Oligonucleotide Inhibitors for the Human Telomerase Enzyme

Posters, SS Lobby


Jessica Pirc, Thick Tattoos: Christian Iconography in Tattoos


Andre Antoine, Transferring Cytoplasm Between Insect Eggs

Evelyn Campoverde, Movement Patterns of Individual Bog Turtles in a Linear Wetland

Nicole Lawton,  Histology of fixed phagocytes in the American lobster

Shawn Nanhoo, A Comparative Ultrastructural Study of the Egg-laying Organ of  Endemic Species of Hawaiian Drosophila

Velgan M. Rodriguez, Evaluation of the Effects of Various Fatty Acids on NMU Cancer Cell Proliferation

Oxana Sharipova, Illustrated Guide to Dental Procedures

Kernita Sylvester, The Presence of Coliforms in the Bronx River

Loren Taylor-Raymond , Transmission Electron Microscopic Studies of Renibacterium salmoninarum

Mathematics/Computer Science

Nicolas Ducher, Triangular Numbers


Avery Maltz, The Effect of Mere Exposure on Subjective Experience of Fear

Nicole S. Donato, Decline in Functions Related to the Ventral Medial Prefrontal Cortex and the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex with Age

Hillary Koskinen, Children’s Gender Stereotyping of Occupations:  Children Raised in Childcare Compared to Children Raised at Home