school of natural & social sciences

Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2007
Schedule of Presentations

This year's Symposium begins with breakfast at 8:15 and concludes with lunch at 12:45. The public is welcome and all guests are invited to stay for lunch.

Session 1

Anthropology & Women's Studies, SS 1040
9:00 Adam Abdalla, Suplexes and Stereotypes: The Negotiation of Representation in Professional Wrestling

9:20 Nicole Serrano, Christiania: An Experimental Community Faces Middle Age

9:40 Rebecca Pelletier , Reclaiming Public Space: New York City Street

10:00 Arthur Larsen, No One Likes a Sissy: Gay Men on Television-Representation and Reception

 Psychology , SS 1001

9:00 Elizabeth Hartley, The Tower of London: Determining which factors contribute to problem difficulty

9:20 Alexander Cloudt, Inhibition: an important component of intelligence?

9:40 Deidre Chase, Efficacy of Subliminal Exposure Versus Supraliminal Exposure on Fear

10:00 Jermaine Francis, The Effects of Exposure to a Repressive  Government on Support of Intentions to Commit Acts of Terrorism

Biology, NS 1001

9:00 Maria Gervits, Detection of Thermophilic Bacteria from the Surface Soil Overlying the Coal Mine Fire in Centralia, PA

9:20 Cassandra Schulz, The effects of lipid pathway inhibitors on NMU cancer cells treated with fatty acids

9:40 Luis A. Jusino Jr., A Microscopic Analysis of the Effect of Fatty acids on NMU Mammary
Cancer Cells

10:00 Katarina B Jansen, Dietary Fatty Acid Treatment of NMU Rat Mammary Tumor Cells Analysis of Lipids and Fatty Acids in Subcellular Fractions

Mathematics & Computer Science, NS3001

 9:00 Serenidad Quintana, Past, Present & Future: The Evolution of Robotics In Cars

9:20 Paige Berger, he Math Wars: Math Education in the U.S.

9:40 Michael Brennan, Expanding Upon the Work of Giants: A Discourse in Number Theory

10:00 Daniel Zabib, Analysis of Familial Online Social Networking with Applications

Environmental Science & Biology, NS 1059

9:00 Lindsay Randall, Purchase College, a guide for environmentally sustainable development

9:20 Robin Minerd, Beaver Populations in the Great Swamp Watershed: Putting Human-Beaver Interactions in Perspective

9:40 John Clark, Bioassay For Estrogenic Compounds In Domestic Wastewater

10:00 Lora Schwartzberg , Quantitative Phenolic Variance Between Three Hemlock

Session 2

Media, Society and the Arts & Computer Science, SS  1001

11:00 Philip Wade, Exploring the Relationship between Gentrification and Independent Music Using Interactive Media

11 :20 Shana Cutler, An Online Art Community for Competition and Critique

11:40 Raphael Pelegrino, /played: Performing identity in World of Warcraft

12:00 Maggie J. Cavallo, From Princely Collections to a Public Good: Re-visioning Public Art Museums and their Audiences

 Psychology, Economics & Media, Society and the Arts

11:00 Nathan Barron, The Desire to Drop Out: Freegans of New York City

11:20 Gavin Walsh, Psychological Determinants of Risk in Financial Decision Making

Biology, NS 1001

11:00 Jennifer Anderson, A histological examination of fixed phagocytes during Aerococcus viridans infection in the American lobster (Homarus americanus

11:20 Junie Rebecca Bertrand, Gangliosides of NMU Cells in Culture

11:40 David lbom, Characterization of Phenotypic Switching in Cryptococcus neoformans Biofilms

12:00 Tetyana Forostyan, The gill morphology and epithelial ultrastructure of juvenile Green
sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris, and effects of salinity increase

Chemistry NS 3001

11:00 Steven Slome, Investigation of the Anti-fungal Characteristics of Canada

11:20 Dwight H. Prospere, etermination of the Carbon-to-Carbon Bond Positions in Cuticular Hydrocarbons of Drosophila paulistorum

11:40 Yvon Jules, In Search of an Effective Catalyst for Aqueous Oxidation of Phenol
by Hydrogen Peroxide

12:00 David Ebel, In Search of Novel Antifungal Compounds in Regional

 Posters, SS Lobby

Joseph Moschetti , False Memory: Schematic Bias in Memory For Empirical Studies

Douglas Kugel, Does protein kinase C regulate the transcription of p53 oncogene in rat
mammary NMU tumor cells?

Megan Strang, Category Norms & Androcentrism in the Construction of Graphs

Frank Garofalo , A Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Study of the Effect of
Wolbachia on Pheromone Composition in Drosophila paulistorum

Ryan Roach, Analysis of Lipids and Fatty Acids from Supernatant of NMU Tumor
Cells in Culture

Eric Miller, Phagocytosis of Renibacterium salmoninarum and Aeromonas salmonicida by
neutrophils of trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Moniquie Graham, The Equivalence of Standard and Computerized Neuropsychological Test of Executive Functions

Narinder Purewal, " If you have to pay for it, you ain't a man": Gendered Meanings of Prostitution in Hunts Point, the Bronx

David Hernandez, Detection of Archaea and Crenarchaeota in the Purchase, New
York Environment

John Vega, Use of Lipid Analysis to Study the Effect of Fatty Acids on Cancer Cell

Dawn Weitz , Explicit Knowledge Determines Learning on the Hebb Digits Task