School Of Natural & Social Sciences

Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2005
Schedule of Presentations

This year's Symposium begins with breakfast at 8:30 and concludes with lunch at 12:30. The public is welcome and all guests are invited to stay for lunch.

Session A: Biology NS 1059

9:30 Keli Lloyd-Small, Study of Cell Survival after Treatment with Benzyl Selenocyanate in the Presence or Absence of Cysteine

9:50 Marissa Goberdhan, Comparison of the Efficacy of Novel Organoselenium Compounds in the Inhibition of NMU Tumor Cell Growth

10:10 Christina Germano, Mechanism of Removal of Virus Particles from the Blood of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus

10:30 Lauren Kassirer, Fixed Phagocytic Uptake of Viral and Non-biogenic Particles in the Immune Response of Homarus americanus.

10:50 Kenji Matsuzawa, Cholesterol and Alzheimer's Pathology: Biochemical Analyses of Induced Cholesterol Loading and Statin Treatment in Cultured Mouse Brain Cells

11:10 Brian McLaud, Behavior of Fundulus Heteroclitus to Progressive Hypoxia

11:30 Geoff Perumal, Ultrastructure of Chloride Cells in Gills of Juvenile Green Sturgeon Acipenser

Session B: Chemistry/ Biology NS 1001

9:30 Jacqueline Yee, A Conformational Study of Substituted Cyclopropanes Using Molecular Mechanics Calculations

9:50 Joshua Cohen, Effects of Fatty Acids on Mammary Tumor Cell Proliferation

10:10 Julie Arcement, Gangliosides of Mouse NMU Mammary Tumor Cells

10:30 Fidenatou Kerim-Taylor, Development of Solid Phase Microextraction Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometric (SPME/GC-MS) Techniques for the Determination of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in Water

10:50 Efua Christian, Pheromones of Female Drosophila Paulistorum: A Quantitative Comparison of Chemical Component Patterns Across the Six Semispecies

11:10 Shameeka Vines, Pheromones of Female Drosophila: Effects of Pheromones on Mating During Bioassays

11:30 Fikisha Puentes, Laterality in the Fine Arts

Session C: Economics/ Sociology SS 1040

9:30 Tom Buechele, DIY Masculinity: Masculine Identity in DIY Punk Subculture

9:50 Stephen Hunt, White Male Self-Identification: A Theoretical Approach

10:10 Michael Suarez, Unemployment & Families: Understanding How Unemployment Impacts the Well-Being of Unemployed Westchester County Families

10:30 Francis Sherryan, The Impact of High Schools' Ability Tracking on Purchase College Student Achievement

10:50 Jessica Reale, Effects of Economic Monetary Union on Europe

11:10 Noel Ludkovsky, High Inflation and Stabilization Case Study: Argentina, Bolivia and Israel

11:30 Michelle Lang, The Under Representation of Female Partners in New York City Private Law Firms

Session D: Environmental Science/ Biology NS 1029

9:30 Victoria Woo, Differences in Abundance, Sex Ratio, and Size of Hemigrapsus sanguineus between Upper and Lower Intertidal Areas

9:50 Daniel Appleman, The Influence of Habitat Structure on the Abundance of Hemigrapsus Sanguineus

10:10 Pita Suthirangkul, The Relationship between Embryo Production and Size of the Invasive Asian Crab, Hemigrapsus Sanguineus

10:30 Joanna Condo, Beach Seine Survey of the Nearshore Fish Community of Milton Harbor, Rye, NY

10:50 Michael Echevarria, Wetland Use by Bog Turtles

11:10 Sandra Viens, Prokaryotic DNA Isolation and Analysis

11:30 Kamilah Crooks, Investigations into the Phagocytosis of Renibacterium Salmoninarum by Trout Macrophage using Transmission Electron Microscopy

Session E: Math/Computer Science/New Media NS 3001

9:30 Leondria Barbee, New Media to Improve the Learning Process

9:50 Dave Bochichio, Designing Roleplaying Games

10:10 John Cronin, Hamiltonian Cycles in Hypercubes

10:30 Danielle Nicolais, Eccentricity Preserving Spanning Trees Contained in Meshes

10:50 Daniel Tamucci, The Domination Number of a Graph and its Consistency Through Variations in the Ggraph

11:10 Dara Mendeloff, Saturated Hydrocarbons Through Graph Theory

11:30 Patrick Killourhy & Clyde Lingenfelter, Design and Implementation of a 64-Bit Distributed Operating System

Session F: Psychology SS 1001

9:30 Kisha Brown, The Effects of Race, Skin Tone and Facial Features on Criminal Sentencing

9:50 Amy Caffero, Working Memory and Analogical Reasoning in Young Children

10:10 Emily Dougherty, Changing Attitudes: How Affect and Persuasive Messages Influence Stereotype Use

10:30 Effects of Birth Order of a Special Needs Child on Parental Coping Strategies and Psychological Outcomes

10:50 Ildiko Juhasz, An Investigation into the Effect of Bilingualism on Mental Flexibility in Preschool-Aged Children

11:10 Adam Rosen, Behavioral Effects of Music on Aggression: Controlling for Individual Preference

11:30 Aleksandra Szczechowicz, The Influence of Parent-Adolescent Communication on Adolescents' HIV/AIDS Preventive Behavior

Session G: Posters

Kristen Baker, The Relationship between Explanatory Style and Writer's Block: A Content Analysis

Heidi Beintrexler, Children at Risk for Schizophrenia

Woojin Chong, The Inhibitory Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid on Rat Mammary Cancer Cell Proliferation via p-53-Mediated Apoptosis

Jennifer Conte, Analysis of NMU Cells Using Electron Microscopy

Veronica Francia, Comparison of the Present Nearshore Fish Community in Milton Harbor with the 1990's

Asoka Galpotthawela, A Molecular Approach for Discovering Archaea in Local Habitats

Immanuel Utomo, A Web Service for Interspecies Scaling

Charlene Vallecillo, Diagnosis and Treatment of Feline Thyroid Multinodular Hyperplasia