School Of Natural & Social Sciences

Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2004
Schedule of Presentations

Biology - Session A, Room 1059

9:30 Sarah Civello, Examination of the Eubacterium Aquificales at Calcite Springs, Yellowstone National Park

9:50 Alexander R. Boyanov, Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Mechanism of Phagocytosis in Fixed Phagocytes of the Lobster

10:10 Timothy LaRocca, Phagocytic Removal of Bacterial Pathogens from the Blood of the Lobster Homarus americanus

10:30 Danielle Meyer, A Survey of Cycliophora on the Mouthparts of the American Lobster Homarus americanus and Other Crustaceans

10:50 Kelly Gasparini, Effects of Environmental Stress on Phagocytic Removal of Foreign Particles from the Blood of the Lobster Homarus americanus

11:10 Dionne Lutz, Development of Nonradioactive Thymidine Kinase Assay Using 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine

11:30 Josie Cain, The Effects of Fatty Acids on Rat Mammary NMU Cells

11:50 Karen Stone, Cell, Organ and Body Sizes: How Do They Vary Among Species of Hawaiian Drosophila?

Chemistry, Biology, & Environmental Sciences - Session B, Room 3001

9:30 Rebecca Sharaby, Pheromone Effects in Drosophila paulistorum Semispecies

9:50 Rachel Vincent, Effects of Drosophila paulistorum Pheromonal Variation on Speciation

10:10 Neil Thompson, Structural Elucidation and Quantitation of Cuticular Lipid Compounds of Two Recently Diverged Drosophila Species D. silvestris and D. heteroneura

10:30 Younhee Cho, Hydrophobic Ion-exchanged Zeolite as a Catalyst for Aqueous Oxidative Degradation of Phenol by Hydrogen Peroxide

10:50 Bolanle Alli, Synthesis of Aryltrimethylsilanes via Lewis Acid Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions

11:10 Emilio Garcia, Methods of Splitting Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen to use as a Pollutant-Free Fuel in Internal Combustion Engines and Variations of Application

11:30 Fritz Neptune, Determining the Levels of Orangochlorine Pesticide Residue in Westchester County, N.Y.

11:50 Cluny Etienne-Jules, Biodegradation of Simazine

Mathematics & Computer Science - Session C, Room 1029

9:30 William Christie, Fibonacci Polygons

9:50 Eric Choi, Select Topics in Graph Theory

10:10 Jonathan Suarez, Developable Surfaces

10:30 William Carriere, Max Planar 3-Colorable Graphs

10:50 Jennifer Carlo, Search for the Hugenots: A Comparative Study of Two Cross-Platform Programming Environments in the Context of a Historical Game

11:10 David Serrano, Distance Properties of Trees in Unicyclic Graphs

11:30 Dane Haliday, Generating an Error Correcting Code Using a Random Parity Check Matrix

11:50 Hector Perez, Nonconsecutive Vertices of DFS

Psychology - Session D, Room 1001

9:30 Vanessa Echavarria, Emotion-Focused Coping in Parents of Special Needs Children: An Approach-Avoidance Perspective

9:50 Robert Nicolais, Romantic Relationships of Gay and Straight Men: In a Dangerous Age, How Different are They?

10:10 Caroline Segarra, Self-Esteem, Depression and Hostility in Homeless and Non-Homeless At-Risk Adolescents

10:30 Betsy Brouse, Student Departure in Higher Education

10:50 David Shichman, The Amount of Diversity Purchase College Students Want as a Function of Intimacy Level

11:10 Daniel Comstock, False Memories of Real-Life Events

11:30 Michael Kelly, The Effects of Eye Movements on Performance in a Mental Rotation Task

11:50 Paula Connelly, A Content Analysis of Reviews of Civil Rights Movement Poetry

Poster Presentations - Front Lobby


Michael Budden: Differential Diagnosis of Chest Pain in the ER

Sutanya Gayle: Development of Chloride Cells in Juvenile Green Sturgeon

Kendall Harousseau: Investigations into the Phagocytosis of Renibacterium salmoninarum by Rainbow Trout Macrophages Using Electron Microscopy

Cynthia Santiago: Presence of Cycliophorans on the Appendages of Adult and Larval American lobsters

Sharin Sattaur: In Vivo Sickling of Red Blood Cells in Fish

Nicholas Gerstenberger: Scanning Electron Microscopical Study of the Fixed Phagocytes in the Digestive Gland of the Lobster Homarus americanus

Computer Science

Aliya Robinson: Building an XML Based Family Tree

Pacé A. Rabiola: System Administration Using Open Source Architecture


Alison Mikolivich: The Effect of Active vs. Passive Participation in the Creation of Maps and Models on Location Memory in Two- and Three-Year-Olds