School Of Natural & Social Sciences

Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2002
Schedule of Presentations

Session A - Room 1001 - Psychology

9:30 am Logan Laflotte, Creativity and Left-Handedness: The Effects of a Self-Perceived Feeling of Uniqueness on Creative Output

9:50 am Erica Edsell, Challenging Essentialist Beliefs with Intersex, Transsexual, and Transgender Evidence

10:10 am Jessica Gerrard, Comprehension Skill Level and the Suppression of Irrelevant Antecedent Information While Reading Text

10:30 am Krystal Perkins, Changing Social Cognitions in order to Reduce Prejudice

10:50 am Suzanne LoCascio, The Social Self and Interpretations of the Campus Thinness Norm Among Female Dancers and Nondancers

11:10 am Elizabeth Cohen, The Development of Working Memory in Young Children

11:30 am Carina Fischer, The Effects of Knowledge and Working Memory on Analogical Reasoning in Young Children

11:50 am Bernadette Czarniecki, What Does "Tough on Crime" Mean for Mothers Who Are Incarcerated?

12:10 pm Susan Squillante, Enhanced Ambient Light Treatment for Elderly Subjects with Sleep Maintenance Insomnia

12:30 pm Amy Shapiro, How Respite Services Facilitate Coping Among Caregivers of Emotionally Disturbed Children: An Exploratory Study

Session B - Room 1029 - Environmental Sciences

9:30 am Ashley Ryan, Migratory Waterfowl Use of Ponds and Lakes in the Great Swamp Watershed

9:50 am Diane D’Annunzio, Monitoring Water Quality of the Bronx River in Westchester County, NY

10:10 am Lauren Hamill, Standard Methods: Nutrient Analysis of the Bronx River in Westchester County, NY

10:30 am Anne Treglia, Analysis of Macroinvertebrate Diversity in the Bronx River in Westchester County, NY

10:50 am Erica Mignone, Using Field Study and GIS Analyses to Evaluate Shallow Hyporheic Flow in the Upper Floodplain of Snake River, ID

11:30 am Diana Kohtio, Desiccation Tolerance in Hemigrapsus sanguineus

11:50 am Patrick Limber, Modeling Effect of the Sea Level Rise Using Bathymetric and Topographic Data

12:10 pm Ishaani Sen, Visualization of the Impact of Urban Areas on Endangered Species Using Geographic Information System

12:30 pm Matthew Reid, Analysis of the Feasibility of Mine Reclamation Projects

Session B - Room 2001 - Mathematics & Computer Science

11:10 am Michael Trozzo, K-deficient Spanning Trees of Meshes

11:30 am Marcela Cordero, E-commerce for Latin America

12:10 pm Edmond Avanesian, Collegiate Networks: Conceptual Background

12:30 pm Richard Muser, Collegiate Networks: Implementation Details

Session D - Room 3001 - Biology & Chemistry

9:30 am Nadine James, Developing a Gas Chromatography/Negative Ion Chemical Ionization/Mass Spectrometry Method for Quantitative Analysis of the Propano dG Adducts

9:50 am John Williams, A Computational and Synthetic Examination of the Diels-Alder Reaction for the Formation of Aryltrimethylsilanes

10: 10 am Laura Simon, Taste Perception and its Role in Courtship Behavior and Chemical Discrimination Between Two Hawaiian Species, Drosophila heteroneura and Drosophila silvestris

10:30 am Debora Cambetas, Cuticular Hydrocarbons of Hawaiian Drosophila: Drosophila heteroneura and Drosophila silvestris

10:50 am Lana Sattaur, Quantitative Variations of the Male Sex Pheromone Components in the Six Semispecies of Drosophila paulistorum

11:30 am Marie De Fazio, Adult Lobster Mouthparts and Setae Examined Using Scanning Electron Microscopy

11:50 am Eugene Pastore, Which Caspases Play a Role in DHA Induced Apoptosis?

12:10 pm Douglas Stanton, Effect of Selenophene on Cultured Mammary Cancer Cells

12:30 pm Nicole Gajadhar, Teaching Human Anatomy

Session E - Room 1059 - 8:30 Am - Posters

Vanessa Parente, A Survey of Cycliophora on the Mouthparts of Homarus americanus

Bianca Matos and Joelle Rodriguez, Synthesis and Testing of Benzylselenocyanate Derivatives on Rat Mammary Tumor Cells

Sharon Rivera, Synthesis of Aryl Selenocyanates

Lori Tsaldaris, Biodegradation of 2-Chloro-4,6-bis(ethylamino)1,3,5-triazine (simazine) in Aqueous Media

Carrie Taylor, Effects of Parents’ Divorce on Children’s Future Romantic Relationships

Ladi Agahiu, Acculturative Stress: Ethnic Identity and Social Identity Among West African College-Aged Immigrants and Their Parents

Kaslyn Harris, Measuring Intergenerational Conflict Among First- and Second-Generation Immigrants to the United States

Lydia Howe, Coping Strategies of Parents of Children with Special Needs

Justin Cuomo, The Effects of Motivational Orientation and Attributional Style on Reward and Creativity