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Natural Sciences Student Symposium 2002: Photos

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Awards Ceremony

Dr. Joe Skrivanek

Dr. Joe Skrivanek, former Head of Natural Sciences Division, at the Awards Ceremony

Dr. Skrivanek with Suzanne LoCascio

Dr. Skrivanek with Suzanne LoCascio, winner of Presidents Award of Achievement for the Natural Sciences Division

Erica Mignone

Erica Mignone, winner of the Irene Goldring Award, given to an outstanding female graduate who is embarking on a career in science

Dr. Skrivanek and Adriana Gheti

Dr. Skrivanek presents the Natural Sciences Division Service Award
to Adriana Gheti

Dr. Skrivanek, Gloria Roth, and Michael Trozzo

Dr. Skrivanek and Gloria Roth, President of Friends of the Natural Sciences, present an Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research to Michael Trozzo

Complete List of Winners of the Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research:

Amanda Becker
Bernadette Czarniecki
Kelly Galasso
Jessica Gerrard
Logan Laflotte
Krystal Perkins
Michael Trozzo
John Williams