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Pipeline Scholarship Program

The Consortium

Purchase College, in collaboration with Dutchess Community College, IBM, Orange Community College, Rockland Community College, and Westchester Community College—with funding from the National Science Foundation—established the Pipeline Scholarship Program for economically disadvantaged students to enable them to attain careers or advanced degrees in mathematics, computer science and technology. This scholarship was last offered in October 2008.

About the Program

The consortium's scholarship program reflected the national need to substantially increase the number of American high-technology workers, especially those citizens who were underrepresented in the field. A commitment was made to support qualified students in attaining their goals, and to provide financial support in the form of full tuition scholarships, academic support, career counseling, and research and internship opportunities.

To be eligible a student had to:

have been a full-time student at one of the participating institutions, majoring in mathematics, computer science, or a related technology area

have had a GPA of 2.5 or greater (lower-level students) or 3.0 or greater (upper-level students). Freshman students needed a high school average of 90 or higher and SAT scores of 1200 or higher.

have had financial need as determined by the participating college's financial aid office

have been a U.S. citizen, refugee alien, or permanent resident alien

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