Inaugural Reception for the School of Film and Media Studies
Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Faculty work

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Michelle Stewart’s (Chair) Remarks

Thank you all for coming today. 

I’d like to thank Martha, Lorraine, and Peter, as well as the student volunteers, Erik, Sam, Grace, Kathryn, Dan for all their sweat, muscle, and creativity in helping to prepare the reception.

I’m Michelle Stewart, chair of the new school of Film and Media Studies, an entity that I’ve seen gathering steam over my 9 years at Purchase. I’d like to thank Tom, Damian, and Suzanne for supporting the notion and I couldn’t be more excited to be here with you to celebrate the launch of Film & Media Studies at Purchase College.

 I’ve prepared a brief presentation to highlight the unique character of the students of the school of Film and Media Studies, by way of discussing what is distinctive about your generation.

I’ll also describe the impressive range and incredible talent of our faculty by showing some current faculty work,

and following the presentation, there will be two programs of Film and Media students work displayed on these two screens.  At that point, I’ll ask you to feast on cookies and images __and to schmooze with one another__ which is really why we’re here today.
Between the four boards of study that make up FMS —Cinema Studies, Film, Media/Society/& the Arts, and New Media

—what is it that we each do particularly well and that we can accomplish even more intensely by collaborating with one another? 

From analogue to digital production and from humanistic to social scientific analysis, we encourage one another to construct and deconstruct at the same time.

We train our students (that’s you) to be acutely perceptive, hyper-literate media artists,

as well as creative media critics and anthropologists, who build, study, contest, and re-envision the mediated social worlds in which we now maneuver.


Student Work

Pretty Odd
Temi Olutunmbi (Film, 2011)

Molly Pelavin (Film, 2013)

The Play
Katie Oscar (Film, 2013)

The Fountain
Flipp Kotsishevskiy (Film, 2012)

Kiss Me, I Love You
Neil Chanille

The Bronx Music Factory
Erik Spink
(CinemaStudies, 2011)

Pastry Showdown
Alan Lapointe (Film, 2009)
& Gianna Volpe

Andrew Gitomer & Taylor
Williams (Film, 2009)

Hug Me, Elise

One Culture
Joel Neville Anderson (Film, 2009)

Woofy Sketch
Montea Robinson (Film, 2011)


Sam Marine (Film,2009)
Mipham Donki, & Sarah Semlear(Film,2009)

Argyle 2007
Shelly Sarah Kamiel (Film, 2009)

William Dekker,
for the ants (Film, 2009)


             In The Upper Room
            AKA Joey (Film, 1998)

            New Media Senior
            Showcase 2010

             Conscience/Conscious Pilot
            Jonathan Kyriacou (New Media,

            Exxxtra Terrestrian
            Jacob Meier & Jeff Conklin
            (New Media, 2010)

            Travel Video 8
             Paul Echeverria (Film, 1996)

            Who AmMy WaterBirth Mother?
            Christopher Carbone (Film, 2010)

            Sam Strzelec (Film, 2009)

            Erik Spink (CinemaStudies, 2011)

            Sebastián Ribeiro
            (Cinema Studies, 2010)

            Sebastian Rea  
            (Cinema Studies, 2011)

            Godzilla Slash
            Loren Sanchez-Radda&
            Morgan Mielnik

                  the Arts,2011)

fms banner.jpg

    Vanessa Sorenson
    (Media, Society, & Arts,2011)