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The School of Art+Design at Purchase College offers professional programs preparing students for careers in the visual arts and lives informed by aesthetic experience.  The School honors tradition, encourages experimentation, and embraces new concepts, materials, and technologies.  The School’s faculty of working artists is committed to creating a supportive climate in which students are passionate about learning to see, to think, to make, and to reflect.  Welcome.

The curriculum is based on the belief that artists and designers practicing in the twenty-first century must have an understanding of the traditional tools and the contemporary concerns of their media; a knowledge of the cultural and historical context in which they are working and the impact of technology on that world; and the educational opportunity to explore their own talents through the development of manual and technical skills and the cultivation of perceptual and conceptual abilities. The visual arts curriculum is designed to remain responsive to the established traditions and methods of art-making and to the expanding contemporary world of art and design. Over the course of four years, students proceed from introductory courses in different visual arts disciplines to specialization in one area of study or pursuit of the juxtaposition and synthesis of several media.

Every student is accountable for all policies, procedures, and regulations noted on this website. The site is updated annually, and the most current version overrides any previous (with the exception of graduation requirements, which remain in effect from your first date of registration). Failure to comply with the standards and expectations set forth by the School of Art+Design may result in academic and/or disciplinary penalties.

A+D Faculty and Staff Directory

A list of faculty and staff contact information by Board of Study

Visual Arts Building

Information and policies pertaining to the Visual Arts building

Boards of Study Degree Programs

Graphic Design, Painting & Drawing, Photography, Printmaking/Art of the Book, Sculpture/3-D Media, the BSVA and Graduate Studies – are known as Boards of Study (BoS). In addition to the general core requirement for all students, each BoS has established a sequence of courses that provide a broad range of experience appropriate to a particular area of discipline.  Follow the links below to review the curricular requirements and course offerings of your chosen Board of Study.

The BFA Programs
The BSVA Program

BFA and BSVA Eight Semester Plans

To assist you with your path to graduation, 8 semester plans have been developed for each Board of Study.  While your path may vary, these plans are a good way to see a clear trail towards a timely graduation in four years.  

Academic Standards

The standards and expectaions of academic success.

A+D Academic Policies and Information

A+D advising, special courses, and credit load.


Off campus and on campus communication, travel experience, services and supplies.
Academic Calendar
This handbook is a supplement to the Purchase College Student Handbook.