2009-2010 Season

Lady Windermere’s Fan
by Oscar Wilde
Tuesday–Sunday, October 13–18
Repertory Theatre

Should a woman leave her husband if she believes he’s been unfaithful? Or should she invite the other woman to her birthday ball? Wilde’s first produced play has all the legendary wit and melodramatic intrigue of his later works. No one skewered Victorian manners and hypocrisies more thoroughly. And no one has written more hilariously about the eternal miscommunication between men and women.

Mad Forest
by Caryl Churchill
Tuesday–Sunday, March 2– 7
Recital Hall

Romania, 1989. Based on true stories and told in a series of fractured short scenes, the play captures the madness of life in an unstable war torn nation, before and after the fall of a dictator.

Two Gentlemen Of Verona
by William Shakespeare
Friday–Saturday, December 4–12
 Repertory Theatre

Possibly the Bard’s first play, this rarely seen romantic comedy has many of the story ideas and all of the fun of his later comedies—a love triangle, friends who become rivals, helpful outlaws, a heroine disguised as a boy who must woo another woman on behalf of the man she loves, and one of the funniest clowns in literature.

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