Press Releases


Date Released: 11/7/2006

Purchase College Visual Arts Professor Liz Phillips is featured in a new exhibition, Three Women: Architecturalized Sound Events, a month-long series of works and performances by pioneering sound installation artists including Maryanne Amacher and Miya Masaoka, at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY throughout November. A New York-based artist, Ms. Phillips makes interactive multi-media installations which combine audio and visual art forms with new technologies to create a fascinating interactive experience. She will present live performances of her work November 9-11 at 8 PM at the Issue Project Room.

The Issue Project Room is located at 400 Carroll Street (between Bond and Nevina) in Brooklyn. The gallery is open for viewing from 6-8 PM, Thursday through Saturday. For more information and directions, visit Admission is $10.

Liz Phillips’ installations and performances include Radio Shape Shifting Human Transmitter, On Air, and Wave Table, Echo-Location Queens and Walk Through the Woods.

Radio Shape Shifting Human Transmitter
Walking within special 3-D digital fields, guest participants will be creating an interactive sound installation using a Theremin and several radios.

On Air
On Air
is an air current-sensitive installation that utilizes sensors, grounding fields, transducers and a weather balloon as the prime interfaces linking motion, sound and image direction. On Air encourages the audience to consider three-dimensional sound in formation—something as flexible and elastic in time-space as a tree in the wind.

Wave Table, Echo-Location Queens, and Walk Through the Woods
These are three older interactive sound and image installations that will reappear on the evening programs.

In her live performances, Liz Phillips will be assisted by Annea Lockwood, water wave recordings; Gustavo Aguilar, percussionist; Andrea Bergstol, silent performer/ Theremin transmitter/shape shifter; Rii Kanzaki, image and video production assistance; John McCormick, sound work and event participant; Mel Skluzacek, sound work and event participant; Jacob Wick, sound work and trumpet; and Gaelyn Aguilar, documentarian.

Ms. Phillips has made and exhibited interactive sound and multimedia installations at numerous art museums, alternative spaces, festivals and public spaces. These include the Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Spoleto Festival USA, the Walker Art Museum, Ars Electronica, Jacob’s Pillow, The Kitchen and Creative Time, among others. She has also collaborated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and her work was presented by the Cleveland Orchestra, IBM Japan and the World Financial Center.