Press Releases


Date Released: 10/27/2006

Purchase College has received $5,000 in scholarship funds for the Baccalaureate and Beyond Center from the Entergy Charitable Foundation.

The program is an expansion of the Bridges to Baccalaureate program which was designed to help underrepresented minority students interested in the biomedical sciences make transitions from a two-year community college program to a bachelor’s degree program. The Entergy grant will help expand the program for social sciences and humanities students.

In the Baccalaureate and Beyond Center program, students complete their associate’s degree at their community college and then work toward their bachelor’s degree at Purchase. The program serves as a national model to increase the number of students from community colleges who continue on to four-year institutions to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

The Center provides services for a seamless transition from the six participating community colleges: Purchase faculty provide advising and support services while the students are attending community college and continue those services once the students complete their associate’s degree and arrive at Purchase.  Students are encouraged to plan beyond a bachelor’s degree and receive assistance with career development and graduate school admissions.