Press Releases


Date Released: 4/28/2006

The School of the Arts at Purchase College, State University of New York, presents The ArtsBridge Showcase, May 3 at 10 AM in the Dance Theatre Lab of the Dance Building. The program highlights the collaboration between students from King Street Elementary School in Port Chester, Yonkers Middle School/High School, and R.J. Bailey Elementary School in Greenburgh and the Purchase College School of the Arts. 

Elizabeth Langland, Provost, Purchase College, will welcome the students and guests. Jon Esser, Associate Dean of the School of the Arts, will introduce the program. 

Students in Mrs. Joan Goldsmith’s fifth grade class at King Street Elementary School in Port Chester will present “Folk Tales Unmasked” with scholar Karl Custer. For the past month, these creative students have written their own short stage plays based on folk tales from all across the world.  They made their own masks, created their own characters, and participated in exercises in dialog format and theatre etiquette.

The students are Elizabeth Almejo, Stephanie Munguia, Natalia Babula, Olivia Nadler, Maribel Burga, Jonathan Nunez, Chris J. Curtis, Gabrielle O’Brien, Anne Marie Esposito, Jennifer Ramirez, Vanessa Fernandez, Julia Ramirez, Ivan Grimaldo, Andy Svarez, Cindy Guervara, Joseph Tribuzio, Jr., Nicole Lancia,  Stephanie Turcios and AnaPaulina Mendoza.

Students in Mrs. Carol Williams’ sixth grade class at R.J. Bailey Elementary School in Greenburgh will present “Ethnomusicology Radio” with Scholar Jordan McLean. This talented group of young musical students will read poems they composed based on the Blues form of ABABC.  They will be featured in an upcoming Ethnomusicology Radio broadcast on WPSR, the Purchase College radio station.

The students are Jessica Blair, Michael Jones, Precious Blake, Justina Mark, Fredric Bowers, Myles Massey, Nicole Brooks, Sharmin Shuma, Brendan Burke, Liza Sukra , Briaa Fontaine, Steven Waters-Spady, Sierra Garnet, Reece Williams and Maria Jenkins.

Students in Mrs. Irene Alves’ fifth grade class at the R.J. Bailey Elementary School will presents “Cultivating the Classics” with scholar Margaret Houston. The students will reenact the tragic tale of Daedalus and Icarus. The audience can explore the techniques of classical theatre as the actors mirror Daedalus’ emotions, sharing his joy and pain. The ancient chorus responds, as the gods might, to his self-imposed suffering, chanting and dancing self-choreographed phrases to express their reactions.

The students are Caturah Brown, Miguel Mendez, Joy Butler, Princess Mensah, Joseph D’Angelo, Hamlet Perez, Maria Diaz, Asia Reid, Da’Sean Downey, Corey Rozenblat, Taquan Eason, Alexandra Salas, Dylan Eddy, Spencer Seabrook, Amanda Ermel, Omar Serrano, DeaQuan Harris, Monica Vera and Humza Jamil.

Students in Mr. Burt Falkenstein’s eighth grade class at Yonkers Middle School/High School will display their final projects in “Self-Exploration Through Art Making” with scholar Elizabeth Donadio.  By studying other artists, collaborating with each other, and engaging in group critiques, they have gained an increased knowledge and appreciation of contemporary visual art along with its various functions and practices.

The students are Ronald Anchia, Alberto Morales, Michelle Badillo, Gabriella Pachay, Walter Bolainez, Adam Reyes, William Branch, Bonnie Richardson, Nicholas Crespo, Robert Sayegh, Alva Espina, Stella Schwuchow, Lou Jaycee Fundales, Jessica Soto, Jessica Gentile, Brian Tortora, Keith Goldberg, Anthony Venditto, April Jones, Laressa Villa, Steven Mari, Maribel Mateo and Jasmin Waisburd.

ArtsBridge is a network of 22 universities in 13 states and Northern Ireland and their surrounding schools that confronts the problem of the elimination of the arts from K-12 schools. Through ArtsBridge projects in urban and low-income areas, using dramatic and visual arts and digital technology, students have developed their creativity and imagination, improved their language skills, increased their motivation to succeed in academic learning, and reinforced their values of peace, community and diversity. ArtsBridge is also a means for university students to provide creative service to their communities while learning the value of social activism and developing long-term commitments to help the disadvantaged.