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Date Released: 5/31/2006

This summer children and teenagers can make their own films, explore Shakespeare, perform in musical theatre productions, learn to dance, write their own plays, and create visual masterpieces and more through the Youth Programs in the Arts camps at Purchase College. A Summer Jazz Institute for high school and college students, and a Summer Visual Arts Institute for high school students are also offered.

The summer programs are offered by the Purchase College School of Liberal Studies and Continuing Education. Purchase College is located at 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY. Programs run as two-, three-, four-, five- or six-week sessions. For more information, including camp dates and tuition, call 914-251-6508 or visit

Students ages 10 to 18 perform with professional actors and educators in SHAKESPEARE @ PURCHASE. The curriculum for each two- week session is designed to enhance understanding of Shakespeare’s language through performance. A typical day includes: Acting classes, which will focus on perception and expression; Voice and Speech, where students will discover how to make the most of words and learn how to project and to articulate so they will be clearly heard and understood; Dance/Clown/Mask, in which students will find their own personal clown and create and build their own masks; and Stage Combat, where the basics of theatrical stage combat will be introduced.

Children ages 9-16 explore all aspects of musical theatre, including acting, singing, and movement, in workshops tailored for their age groups in the PURCHASE YOUTH THEATRE. The program is performance-based and specially designed to help young people learn and develop self-confidence, discipline and presentation skills. Family and friends are invited to celebrate their young thespians’ accomplishments at the Youth Theatre Performance.

YOUNG ARTISTS @ PURCHASE, for children ages 7-12, is designed to foster creativity and imagination, individuality and collaboration—and to help boys and girls discover and develop their innate gifts and talents in each two-week session. Family members are invited to attend and celebrate their young artists’ discoveries and accomplishments at the culminating exhibition at the end of each two-week session.
YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS @ PURCHASE introduces students to the art, science and history of photography, and now includes digital techniques with lessons in black-and-white and color photography. Students ages 12-17 are introduced to the basic 35mm camera as well as the process of developing film and printing on photographic paper. The final week is devoted to digital photography.

Students can spend the summer writing, directing, editing and acting in
original movies in YOUNG FILMMAKERS @ PURCHASE, where they learn the art of visual storytelling. Students ages 12-17 learn how to tell a story through images, develop strong plot lines, compose shots, convey their ideas to actors, use special effects, and edit on a professional digital editing system. Students will become comfortable with digital video equipment and learn how to pan, track and cut with both a tripod and hand-held cameras.

The Extended Day Option is open to all students enrolled in the Summer Youth Programs in the Arts (except Shakespeare @ Purchase), and features a wide variety of craft activities, puzzles, reading and recreational swimming.
The Early Drop-Off Option is designed to help accommodate the needs of working parents. Students can be dropped off anytime between 8:30 and 9:30 AM, and will be supervised by and escorted to their programs by teaching assistants.
The Summer Visual Arts Institute offers a unique opportunity for high school students to explore the visual arts with the guidance of practicing artists in the superb studios of the School of Art+Design at Purchase College. Now in its 14th year, the Institute will run July 10-29.  Registration is limited to students ages 15-18, who have completed their freshman year of high school. Each day, students spend time on drawing, painting and sculpture. Additionally, they may choose from elective options: figure drawing, mixed media drawing and collage, nontraditional sculpture, photography and printmaking. Both new and returning students are welcome.

The Purchase Summer Jazz Institute is an intensive, performance-driven week for serious students and practitioners of jazz, ages 14-20. The weeklong program runs July 9-14 and features a faculty of esteemed performers representing many facets of the jazz world. It is a great opportunity to learn from caring experts, improve skills, and meet other young jazz musicians.  The performance-based curriculum includes master classes, ensemble rehearsals, special topics seminars, faculty concerts, student jam sessions and a trip to Manhattan to visit a New York City jazz club.