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Date Released: 7/28/2006

College career centers are much more than just a place to view a job posting board the month before graduation. Students have many reasons to visit, and to visit early. Here are seven reasons offered by Tara Blackwell, Career Counselor and Wendy Morosoff, Director of Career Development of the Career Development Center at Purchase College.

Not only should students visit the career center, they should do so early or at the very start of their college careers. Many students think that they don’t need career help until they’re ready to graduate. Then, in the last semester, in the midst of finals and projects, the panic sets in—“I need a job!” Career counselors help students to develop a career action plan to implement throughout their four years. An action plan may include exploration activities, developing a resume, participating in an internship, and preparing for graduate school or the workforce upon graduation. -Tara Blackwell, Career Counselor, Purchase College

Career counselors can help students to discover their passion and connect it to the world of work. They offer one-on-one counseling and administer inventories that can help students to explore their interests, skills, and values. This information is vital in making a satisfying career choice. -Tara Blackwell, Career Counselor, Purchase College

College career centers offer excellent career-related resources. Besides job and internship listings, a typical career center will have an extensive resource library with books, magazines, directories, handouts and brochures. These resources provide information on careers, graduate school, majors, and specific organizations and employers. These resources can help students during the exploration process as well as the job search. -Tara Blackwell, Career Counselor, Purchase College

College career centers are usually staffed with master-level career counselors with degrees in counseling, education, student services or a closely related field. Many of them have backgrounds in recruitment or human resources, hold additional credentials, and continually participate in professional development to stay current on occupational trends and best practices. They are experts in career planning! -Tara Blackwell, Career Counselor, Purchase College

Career centers offer free workshops on a variety of career planning topics. Career development workshops are designed to give students a comprehensive and practical understanding of the career planning process. Workshops are offered regularly throughout the year and usually include topics such as: resume writing, job and internship searching, interviewing, choosing a major, and more. -Tara Blackwell, Career Counselor, Purchase College

College career centers can refer students to industry specific websites and useful on-line national job search databases that provide a wealth of information as well as job and internship listings for students. College career centers develop relationships with local and national employers and can connect students with potential contacts and job opportunities! -Wendy Morosoff, Director of Career Development, Purchase College