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Professor Brooke Singer Participates in Common Pulse Symposium

Date Released: 6/23/2011

She was one of twelve artists and curators invited to present their experiences in creating work in the context of university research. The symposium examined how media is reshaping culture. Details.

The Common Pulse Symposium in Durham, Ontario Canada in June looked at current developments in digital media production and consumption within contemporary art practice and how they predict, reflect or refute parallel media phenomena in North American culture in general. The participants looked at societal shifts in authorship brought about by file-sharing, sampling and the open source movement, as well as collaborative initiatives sparked by mobile media such as citizen journalism, wiki culture and flash mobs.   


In her work Professor Singer creates platforms for local knowledge to connect, inform and conflict with official descriptions.  She engages in technoscience as an artist, educator, nonspecialist and collaborator.  Her work  lives “on” and “off” line in the form of websites, workshops, photographs, maps, installations and performances that involve public participation in pursuit of social change.


The conference was organized by the Durham Art Gallery and OCAD University with support from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.