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Purchase Partners With Investigate NY

Date Released: 6/17/2011

Professor Mary Alice Williams will administer the program on campus. Students will be able to contribute to investigative reporting in the New York Region. Details.

Purchase College is establishing a partnership with InvestigateNY, the New York Center for Investigative Reporting, which will create opportunities for Purchase students to contribute to investigative reporting in the New York region, and which will maintain a Center on Campus.


In the last two years, dozens of regional investigative reporting centers have emerged in America, staffed by prominent journalists who have formed partnerships with major media.  Many of these centers are embedded at major Universities. These non profit newsrooms, teaching environments with students in professional roles, produce stories for these media partners on all platforms; TV, radio, print and digital.  


InvestigateNY is the only such center in New York State providing reporting for the television, radio, print and digital media. InvestigateNY is a member of the Investigative News Network.


INY is managed and its stories and content reported and produced by experienced, professional investigative journalists. Executive Director Polly Kreisman, is the recipient of 15 Emmy Awards in broadcast journalism for her investigative work on television in the New York City market. Board President Mary Alice Williams, a broadcasting veteran (CNN, NBC, Discovery Health,) a Professor of Journalism at Purchase, will administer the program on campus.


Each semester, selected students will have the opportunity to assist in the production of stories to be broadcast or posted on local media. will be a place for viewers, listeners, and readers and especially members of the Purchase community and the 64 campuses that comprise the State University of New York to discuss stories, submit ideas for investigative reports, and peruse the records, video and data used to produce the work.

As befits its journalistic mission, INY shall operate as a separate and independent journalistic entity within Purchase College.