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Purchase Offers Discount Airport Parking Through Park 2 Fly

Date Released: 5/4/2011

Pasengers to Westchester County Airport can save through this 24/7 discount parking service offered by the Purchase College Association headed by Bill Guerrero. Details.

It's called Purchase Park2 Fly, a new discount parking service for passengers to Westchester County Airport offered by the Purchase College Association, the non-profit business corporation of Purchase College.


Passengers park their cars at a Purchase College lot and busses transport them to their flights at the airport.   The service operates 24/7 and provides attendants who meet passengers at their flights and assist with luggage.


Reservations for Park2Fly are available via web site or phone.  A booth at parking lot 1 on the campus has attendants to assist with parking cars and handling luggage.


The service is offering an introductory rate of $5 per day until June 1 and it will increase to $15.  Advance reservations for upcoming travel in the next few months will be available at the $5 introductory rate until June 1.


Park 2 Fly has been in the planning stages for two years. Bill Guerrero, Executive Director of the Purchase College Association worked with students in his Entrepreneurship class to create a business plan.  Airport parking was congested and the college parking lot had underutilized space.  In addition the Kensico Reservoir, across from the airport made airport parking expansion impossible due to environmental concerns.


Two of Bill Guerrero's students Phil Sanford and Shomari Rawlins excelled in the marketing and operational management aspects of Purchase Park 2 Fly and continued to work on the project after the conclusion of Mr. Guerrero's class. They have since become full-time employees.


“We hope the business traveler, snowbird, or any other traveler from Westchester Airport finds this a win/win situation, said Bill Guerrero. The money earned by Purchase Park 2 Fly will be used for scholarships and capital improvements to our roadways and facilities at Purchase College. 


For reservations and information call 1-855-FLY-PP2F or 359-7723 or visit the website at


The Purchase College Association a 501c3 corporation was founded in 1979 to provide contracted services including campus dining services, bookstore, vending services, laundry, parking and transportation, check cashing, cable TV, shuttle bus, campus ID cards, student health insurance, convenience store and Zipcars for the college.