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Habitat for Bees Introduced on Green & Clean Day April 29

Date Released: 4/27/2011

Professors Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut are teaming up with members of the Campus Garden Club to create a native Garden Pollinator plot on campus. Details.

Professors Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut are teaming up with members of the Campus Garden Club to create a Native Garden Pollinator plot on campus.  This habitat for bees will include raised garden plots tended by students and volunteers.


A week ago they released some docile solitary bees from tubes into the garden area to begin the process of creating a new habitat and populating the area with bees.


The Professors are working on a forthcoming book from NYU Press called “Buzz: The Culture and “Politics of Bees” and they wanted their research to tie in with green campus projects at Purchase. 


Their research shows that urbanization, climate change, jet travel, factory farming and the use of pesticides threatens the very survival of the bee.  They can no longer survive without human intervention through the work of beekeepers, environmental interventions, technological innovations and agricultural policy changes. 


Through a study of beekeepers, Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut are investigating the socio-cultural relationship between humans and bees.


“We look at how honeybees, in particular, have emerged on the national and global radar as an insect to be saved and how simultaneously, urban beekeeping has become an increasingly popular practice in New York City and other metropolitan areas,” said Lisa Jean Moore.


Their research will explore the dynamic community or urban beekeepers living throughout the five boroughs in NYC and how bees are meaningful to different people: environmentalists see bees as part of the ecological crisis, young urbanites view pets as hip pets and the media has made the bee its current “it” story.


As part of this launch, they have invited Jim Fischer to speak at 2:30 PM in the Fort Awesome classroom.  He began beekeeping 20 years ago after a career at AT&T Bell Labs and a youthful stint at the New Alchemy Institute where he worked on hydroponics, aquaculture, and wind power.  Fischer kept 600 hives in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia for honey and pollination.  He teaches a free 12 week course at the Central Park Arsenal through the New York City Beekeeping Association and serves as mentor-in chief for beekeepers.


He is known for his acerbic wit, a popular series of articles about beekeeping, his highly entertaining and informative slide talks, and his scientific knowledge of bees. Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut have taken his workshop and Lisa Jean is on the Advisory Board of the Beekeeping Association.


Jonathan Andrews is the student garden coordinator.