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Copyright & Copyleft Conference March 11, 10:30-4:30, Performing Arts Center

Date Released: 3/10/2011

Purchase faculty and staff organize and participate in conference on latest in technology and intellectual property. Details.

Copyright & Copyleft, an academic and professional conference about technonogy and intellectual property,  offers a day of stimulating discussion about the changes in copyright and technology that are changing the world.  Hours are 10:30 AM-4:30 PM , Performing Arts Center. Tickets $10 students, $30 academics, $ 50 others.(Includes lunch and refreshments)  Phone 914-251-6200.

Artists, journalists, lawyers, librarians, information and entertainment technologists, publishers, arts professionals and scholars from across New York State and metropolitan New York will convene for one day to delve into the changing environments of rights management, corporate art influence, and do-it-yourself!

Conference Directors are: James McElwaine, Professor of Music at Purchase; Janet Nepkie, Distinguished Service Professor of Music Industry, SUNY Oneonta; Carey Hatch, Assistant Provost for Library & Information Services, Director SUNY Learning Network. 

Purchase participants include: Ken Tabachnick, Dean School of the Arts; Professor Mary Alice Williams; Keith Landa; Professor Peter Denenberg; Professor Joel Thome.