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Sylva Havrankova to Deliver Paper at DePauw University Honors Conference

Date Released: 2/21/2011

The Drama Studies student will present a paper on psychoanalytical theory at the prestigious Undergrdaute Honors Conference at DePauw Univ. on April 7-9. It was originally written for Constance Zaytoun's "Theories of Drama & Performance Class." Details.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Phillip Auslander, a performance studies scholar from Georgia Institute of Technology.


Ms. Sylva Havrankova, New York City, is Czech and has worked closely with

Professor Constance Zaytoun, adjunct instructor in Drama Studies, and Gary Waller her senior project advisor and mentor. Ms. Havarankova's paper on psychoanalytical theory was originally written for Professor Zaytoun's class.


Professor Lenora Champagne describes her as “intelligent, ambitious, and  eloquent about how much her experience at Purchase has meant to her."


 The aim of the 37th annual National Undergraduate Theatre/Communications Honors Conference, is to encourage undergraduate scholarship and facilitate mentoring and interaction between students and the distinguished guest scholars who participate. The small-group seminars are designed to refine and extend student thinking about graduate or professional education beyond their current undergraduate experience.