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Speakers for Science in Modern World Lecture Series Announced

Date Released: 1/7/2011

Purchase & the New York Academy of Sciences co-sponsor this 2011 series. Chris Mooney, of the The American Prospect on Feb. 8; Carl Safina, Blue Ocean Institute on Mar. 8; and David Biello, Scientific American on Apr.12. Free. Click for details.

The Science in the Modern World Plenary Lecture Series will once again be co-sponsored by the School of Natural and Social Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences. The series brings together some of the most creative thinkers in environmental science.


All lectures are free and take place in The Performing Arts Center at 7 PM.


Chris Money will discuss “Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future" on February 8.  He is senior correspondent of The American Prospect and author of three books including the New York Times best selling The Republican War on Science. He is a contributor to   publications such as Wired, Science, New Scientist the New Republic, and is a well known speaker at academic meetings, university campuses, and other events.  He has been featured on such national media as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NPR's Science Friday, and CSPAN's Book TV.  Born in Mesa, Arizona, he grew up in New Orleans and is a Yale graduate.


Carl Safina will discuss “Caught in the Same Net: The Ocean, The Gulf and Us" on March 8. He is the President and Co-Founder of Blue Ocean Institute and author of more than 100 articles.  His five books include the award-winning Song for the Blue Ocean and his latest book is The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World. A Purchase graduate, he earned his Doctor's degree from Rutgers University. During his research and his recreational and part-time commercial fishing, he noticed rapid declines in sea turtles, marlin, sharks, tunas and many other fishes. It seemed to him as though a kind of “last buffalo hunt" was occurring in the seas. He has helped lead campaigns to ban high-seas driftnets, re-write U.S. fisheries law, use international agreements toward restoring fish and achieve a United Nations fisheries treaty. He has been profiled in the New York Times, on national television shows and his scientific prowess, sense of adventure, and elegant descriptions of the mystery, magnificence, and importance of the sea and its creatures make him one of today's most important conservation voices.  


David Biello will discuss "Beyond Fossil Fuels: How to Solve the Energy Crisis, Stop Climate Change, and Rebuild Our Economy" on April 12. He is Associate Editor of Environment and Energy at Scientific American and author of numerous articles. A graduate of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, he is the host of the 60-Second Earth podcast, a contributor to the Instant Egghead  video series and author of a children's book on bullet trains.