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Purchase Art Students Show Latest in Digital Media at Pelham Art Center Show

Date Released: 1/6/2011

School of Art+Design students are featured in "Curious Exploration" a digital media exhibit curated by Chris Kaczmarek for the Pelham Art Center, Feb.4-Apr.2. Click for details.

Imagination and playful inquiry are featured in “Curious Exploration”, a digital media exhibit curated by Chris Kaczmarek of the School of Art + Design for the Pelham Art Center. Student artists include Lien Chen Lin, Scott Fitzgerald, Andrea Goldman, Fernando Orellana, Arthur Ganson & Becky Sellinger. 


Digital media, mechanical forms and electrical tools are featured in this exhibition created expressly for the Pelham Art Center by Chris Kaczmarek, Coordinator for the School of Art + Design of the Purchase College School of The Arts. The exhibit is free and will be shown from February 4-April 2.


"Curious Exploration" shows how the creative process forges new links between video and poetry, between robotics and relationships, linguistics and politics, time and experience, and most importantly between viewer and concept.


Installation artist Scott Fitzgerald incorporates interactive video with performance and gesture to form an experience that pulls the viewer into a physical investigation of the piece “RIFT”.


New York artist Andrea Goldman’s silent video, “Rethinking CApiTaliSm”, is inspired by the LOL cats from the popular website “Ican has cheezburger?” She uses images of cats in various states from serious to hilarious.


Artist Lien Chen Lin’s silent video utilizes text written in alphabet noodles on the surface of a bowl of soup to form what could be an imaginary conversation between a cast of fantasy characters. 


In the Community Gallery space, Purchase student Becky Sellinger presents “Bush”, a humorous video of a woman dressed as a bush, that  emphasizes femininity and sexuality.


Artist Fernando Orellana, presents quirky and irresistibly off-putting mechanical pieces.  In “Phoney”, a communication piece, he includes videophones and a reconfigured egg shaped mechanical toy to allow two people to talk to each other on separate sides of a space.  The work questions the relationship between technology and representation. 


Arthur Ganson’s intricate hand built machines evoke emotion and empathy in subtle ways so they become avatars for the human experience.


The Pelham Art Center is located at 155 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, NY. Call 914-738-2525 or