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"BraveNew Worlds" Showcases Student Work at 12 MilesNorth

Date Released: 12/3/2010

Sixty 60 students joined a multi-media art exhibit of music, poetry, visual and performance art called "Brave New Worlds: Ritalin, Robots and Revolution" on Dec.6. Orgnized by Nicole Miler and Eleanor Paynter for writing students. Click for details.

The exhibit featured original work by the creative writing students of Nicole Miller and Eleanor Paynter.  The multi-media presentations featured select final projects of these students from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Through visual art, music, poetry and performance, the students investigated the geographic, political, social, technological and aesthetic frontiers that most urgently confront us in the 21st century: what risks do they present?  What role do art and literature play in the drive to discover new, better ways of living?


The Arts organization, 12 Milesnorth, in Hastings-on-Hudson, embraces innovative art that explores new paths and old favorites through performances, education and new media. As a progressive arts organization it supports artists of any age who expand and stretch the imagination. The organization celebrates and encourages a diversity of arts, ideas and audiences.