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Baseball Great Bernie Williams Collaborates With David Gluck & Bob Thompson on New Book

Date Released: 10/26/2010

Called "Rhythms of the Game" it is about the link between musical and athletic performance. Professors Bob Thompson and David Gluck are writing a book with Bernie Williams to be published next summer that grew out of a talk at Purchase. Click for details.



It began when former Yankee Bernie Williams gave a talk at Purchase with Professor David Gluck on the similarities and differences in performing music and playing baseball.  Williams was taking music classes at Purchase with Gluck and Bob Thompson moderated the discussion.


The talk was extremely popular and led to discussions about a book. The trio have spent the past year working together on the book. They conducted one interview session in George Steinbrenner's box at Yankees Stadium during a playoff game.  Bernie Williams threw out the first ball that evening and the session the three recorded will be included in the book.


Hal Leonard is the publisher and the book “Rhythms of the Game" will be released during the All-Star break in July 2011.  A Facebook page will contain updates surrounding the book.